Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Outfit Featuring Reneu Naiya Flats Review + Extended 15% Off Code

Free People tee (review), dress as skirt (seen here), J. Crew purse, Tory Burch bracelet (review), Reneu flats

Last year my black reva flats went out of commission due to the elastic backing on one becoming stretched out. I recently purchased a replacement pair, the naiya comfort flats by Reneu. According to Nancy's Gone Green:

Launched in Spring 2012, Reneu is a line of fashion footwear made with lycra-covered memory foam insoles and consists of eco-friendly upper materials such as hemp, recycled polyester, eco-friendly ultrasuede, and other eco-friendly materials. Reneu shoes provide comfort for the feet and leave minimal impact on our planet. The shoes are 100% animal free and produced in a small production center in China according to fair labor standards.

Using this sizing method from about.com, I found my shoe size is a 7.5, average width. I can range anywhere from a 6.5-7.5. Since Reneu shoes are only offered in full sizes, I did some debating over what size to order. Eventually a 7 was decided upon, but I am finding I may have been safe with a size 8. With only a few hours of wear around the house and a dinner out (outfit above), my only concern is that the shoe might cause my feet to feel a bit scrunched over the course of a more intense work day. If you have narrow feet, you should have no problems. To combat the possibility of initial discomfort, I plan to continue wearing these on more sedentary days at first. From there I can gauge if these are ready to hold up to a typical day of teaching. If being a workhorse does not work out, they will get plenty of use with casual outfits.

Here are more Reneu options offered at Nancy's Gone Green. The zaria and bela have additional colors to view.

zaria memory foam, naiya comfort, bela comfort

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Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada for orders of $100+


  1. They look cute! I range anywear from a 6.5 to an 8 dependent on the type of shoe...crazy right? How long did it take your Revas to stretch out? I ask because I just bought my first pair :)

    1. They were a gift from my in-laws about 3-4 years ago. Initially I did not wear them a lot, so it is tough to tell exactly how much use they actually got. Last year I went to put them on and the elastic on one felt as if it was completely gone. There was no warning sign. :/

  2. You look beautiful! I love this outfit :)

  3. this is a great outfit and thank you for the review! xo

  4. this is such a cute outfit! i really like the skirt, but then realize it was a dress. these flats remind me of the reva, but just w/o the label and with a cheaper price tag -- very awesome!


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