Thursday, May 2, 2013

TKEES Foundations Flip Flop

TKEES Foundations Flip Flop, 8 in cocobutter

These will be returned. The left shoe arrived with a piece of the leather distorted. I am usually a 7 or 7.5. After reading reviews on, I decided to go for an 8. Either a 7 or 8 probably would have worked. The straps on the 8 were slightly little loose, but I was not slipping out of them. If it were not for that janky strap, I probably would have kept them. But due to that defect, I started thinking about the purchase more and came to the conclusion that spending $50 on such a basic shoe was not what I wanted to do. It actually caused me to change my search from a nude pair to two pairs: gold and silver.

If a simple nude sandal is what you are looking for, I discovered (after this purchase) that GAP has a pair of leather flips flops that are half the price I paid. Plus, there is usually some promotion going on to reduce the price further.

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  1. Nice, and what a great deal, I'm looking for some myself!!

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