Tuesday, May 7, 2013

J. Crew Skinny Fleece Pant

J. Crew skinny fleece pant in heather steel, xxs

Those with my body type will not find the xxs "about-town worthy". These are just fine if you plan on lounging around the house, though. In my eyes, the biggest flaw is the ridiculous mock fly. I want to scold it as being unnecessary extra fabric in the pubic bone region, but perhaps I just chose the wrong size. Another warning, the color is not as pictured.

Item Measurements: 14" waist, 28.5" inseam


  1. Lol at ur comment about the extra fabric!! Those pants r cute. They are nicely fitted around the bums and perfect inseam for your legs!

  2. Aww they're so cute! Perfect for lounging around!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. those actually look super cute on you for lounging! i prefer lounge my pants baggy and a few sizes too big. sexy.

  4. LOL, I agree, I wonder where they were going with that mock fly...


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