Thursday, May 9, 2013

Closet Remodel, Shopping Lists and Personal Challenge

My husband and I did our own closet remodel in February. Part of the process involved removing everything in order to prep the work space. I took this a step further and sorted my items into piles of keep, maybe, and giveaway. As I looked at the latter two, disappointment and regret settled in. Clearly I was making poor choices and buying items that I did not truly cherish. I resolved that in the future I would only buy items that I love regardless of the price (within reason) from a carefully thought out list. Going further with this, I challenge myself to only patronize companies who are transparent about their social and ethical stance. I am also considering trying out sewing to change the look of items that wound up in the piles of shame. So here's to new habits...

Summer List
dresses with sleeves (purchased)
casual purse with no hardware (purchased)
strapless bra and bralette
no more than 2 of the following, preferably neutral and patternless:
tanks, sandals, shorts, skirts

Seattle List
walking shoes
zipper hoodie (purchased)
wedding guest dress

By the way...look out for a closet remodel post this month (UPDATE: see post here). Along with pictures, it will include the tools and products we used. Here is a peek at how the new system helped maximize the space of our back closet wall, which used to have just one clothing rack shelf along the top.


  1. Can't wait to see the closet remodel post! And kudos on your new resolutions. I look forward to seeing where you end up shopping at (& not shopping at) this year, because I have to admit I don't have too much knowledge on what companies are transparent about their social & ethical stance...and more importantly, actually practice based on what they promote to be their stance. If I had to guess, very few companies that we currently patronize do this , and it may be the smaller ones that have higher priced items. After reading about recent events, I'm starting to look at my usual favorite "bargain" stores in a new light and wonder how things can be produced for so little.

    1. Looking forward to sharing my finds with everyone! Starting to build a spreadsheet...basically a check off list of ethic topics to be determined by me.

  2. I love seeing closet posts and photos. Can't wait for your closet remodel post! I recently purged a lot of my clothing & jewelry because I barely wore them. My personal rule was getting rid of the items I haven't worn in over a year, but even then I had trouble donating some things. I asked some friends to take whatever they wanted from my purged pile to help me in the process. Good luck with your new goals, Michelle!

    1. Yes...the one year rule is a good one!

  3. Ooh, I love closet remodels! I've gone through a few purges here and there, but I feel like I still have so much stuff in my closet that I don't wear but don't feel like I can part with :/ I aggravate myself, lol.

    Looking forward to more posts about this - especially the sewing part! :)

  4. Michelle kudos to you. I love the different aspects you made yourself focus on in order to rebuild a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe. Hope you don't mind I feature and link to you in a post on the topic today :)

  5. I need a bigger closet so I can organize...I also have to start making shopping must have lists...and actually stick to the list!

  6. I love seeing how others organize their closets!

    It is important to at least try on things that you have not worn in a year when purging/reorganizing/switching out the closet for the season. I am amazed at how I still find fit issues- - -usually regular sized items that are not designed for a smaller frame (even though I am 5'3").

    As far as where my clothes are made, I have wondered if ANY of my items are made in fair working conditions. Is an item sold at Banana Republic really made in a different/better factory than the equivalent item sold at Old Navy? I tend to shop at just a handful of stores that I know I can find items to fit at a reasonable price.


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