Friday, January 4, 2013

Merrell Captiva Launch Waterproof Boots & Washington Pictures

Merrell Captiva Launch Waterproof Boots, cinnamon/molasses in 7.5

This last minute find from REI ended up going with me on my trip to Washington. I am usually a 7-7.5, and found the 7.5 to fit well with either thin or thick socks. The zipper makes these easy for airport travel. As usual, I appreciate the absence of gold or silver hardware. Above all, they are incredibly comfortable and warm! More information on this style can be found, which includes more than seventy reviews. I noticed that some reviewers mentioned the buttons can pop off, which has me worried.

Currently, your cheapest option seems to be through Piperlime, although it is strictly a cinnamon color. also offers the exact color shown above, but still at full price. Another cute pair by Merrell is their Captiva Strap boot.

My advice for those that rarely visit the snow is to find a transitional pair of waterproof boots that you can also wear in your typical cold weather. Try to avoid details like faux fur and excessive rubber (example here). That style appears out of place when there is no ice or snow. Any other tips you can give would be helpful and appreciated. :)

A look at my Merrell's in action, plus pictures of our (my husband, his parents, his sister and her husband, our newest nephew) trip...

I really wanted to try sledding in the backyard...did not work so well. There were some rare occasions when I stepped in knee-deep snow. I was able to unzip my boots to get snow out, but did not have to remove them completely.

Some hills at a nearby golf course were much more conducive to sledding. Too bad my first attempt was not caught on tape...I chose my hill poorly. It was not smoothed out well, so lots of snow got in my sled and on me.

Drinking beer or wine out of the refrigerator will no longer suffice now that I have experienced a makeshift snow cooler (see the top of the patio table).

We were happy to discover a heated garage with a ping pong table. The rocking chairs were a comfy way to watch.

The scenery on one of the walks my husband and I went on.

An additional rocking chair! That fireplace kept us so warm!

Another walk. It was about a mile. I was ready to be inside by the fireplace with an ice cold wine! I outfitted myself with Elle's shawl :)

My attempt at pattern mixing. I wore this same combination on Christmas.

The view after take off from Sea-Tac Airport. If it were not for the cats, I would want to stay!

Current items pictured: Levi's jeans (review), Dior sunglasses, Banana Republic pearl necklace

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Looking forward to catching up! :)


  1. Pattern mixing success! Love the combination, fun but not too busy.

  2. hi michelle! HNY!
    looks like you had fun in Washington and in the snow!
    the fire place looks so cozy. the boots are super cute and i hope the buttons don't fall off. if they do, i'm sure you can take it to a cobbler and they can glue it back for you. :)
    I also like the pattern mixing. very nice color combo too.
    Hahha, yeah I did start blogging more lately. I think it gets easy when you get back into it. Once you stop for awhile, its hard to get motivated! So keep the posts coming...

  3. welcome back! i love the picture by the fire. i'll have to post some evil kitty pictures for you ;)

  4. The boots are gorgeous. Merrell always do really nice comfy shoes & boots.

  5. Happy New Year Michelle! It looks like you had a fun time!

  6. I need serious boots as well. Just order one from ugg. waiting for them. Love the pictures.

  7. Awesome pictures! It looks like you had an amazing time. Those boots look great indoors and out. Good job on the pattern mixing. I think it looks great. I know what you mean about missing your cats. When I'm on vacation too long, I start missing my dogs. Sometimes I wish I can call them. =}

  8. Wow that's a lot of snow! What beautiful scenery and such a cozy place to stay. I LOOOVE the pattern mixing!

  9. hey there! i love your cute snow jacket... where is it from?

    1. Hi! The jacket is from American Eagle during the 2010-11 winter season.

      It was an item that I saw again this current season...with some slight color variations. I don't see it online, but there may be some left in stores.

      My review of the jacket can be found here:


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