Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fitting Room: J. Crew Sheer Stripe Tunic

J. Crew Sheer Stripe Tunic, xxs

I am on the hunt for a wispy tunic to use during swimsuit weather. My first try, the sheer stripe tunic, was too wide. I had to double check the picture I took of the tag to be sure it was a size xxs. What I did love was the look of the sleeves and the pattern. Below are some other current options offered by J. Crew that I think are cute. Considering how little I will use a coverup, I cannot justify paying full price for any of them. Of course my favorite one, the teddy tunic, has to be the most expensive of the bunch.

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Use code FREESHIP for free shipping at any price until Sun., 2/3

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  1. isn't it always the case, that what you like the most always ends up being the most expensive? :P

    xox P

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