Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fitting Room: J. Crew Sheer Stripe Tunic

J. Crew Sheer Stripe Tunic, xxs

I am on the hunt for a wispy tunic to use during swimsuit weather. My first try, the sheer stripe tunic, was too wide. I had to double check the picture I took of the tag to be sure it was a size xxs. What I did love was the look of the sleeves and the pattern. Below are some other current options offered by J. Crew that I think are cute. Considering how little I will use a coverup, I cannot justify paying full price for any of them. Of course my favorite one, the teddy tunic, has to be the most expensive of the bunch.

whisper gauze baja dress, embroidered rope tunic, floral stripe tunic, teddy tunic

Use code FREESHIP for free shipping at any price until Sun., 2/3

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Outfit Featuring Merrell Captiva Launch Boots, Again

CLOTHES: Banana Republic shirt, Levi's jeans (review)
JEWELRY: J. Crew & Banana Republic necklace (on sale), Crewcuts bracelet
ACCESSORIES: GAP belt, Merrell boots (review)

Padre is sporting a boot of his own! Important information for cat owners...a couple weeks ago we had to rush Padre to the emergency vet for a urinary blockage. Left untreated, it can be life-threatening. Male cats are much more likely to develop a blockage. Some of the main causes include lack of water (which is caused by a dry food diet, which we were feeding him) and stress (we were out of town for about a week during the winter break). Thankfully, we caught it early enough. For us, the sign that something was wrong was him licking and growling at his penis. Then, going in and out of the litter box about five times without expelling anything. Each unsuccessful attempt involved yowling and hissing (never heard him hiss before then). Since this took place in the evening, we were advised by our vet to take him to the emergency clinic which offers 24 hour monitoring by a vet. After two nights away, he returned home to lots of love and a new diet plan. All of our cats are being fed Natural Balance wet food in chicken and salmon. I feel so guilty for feeding them dry food all these years.

On the topic of fashion...If you missed my review of the Merrell boots, check it out here. I wanted to share the pic above to show you the detail on the sides and back. And to show Kunu. He may look angry, but he was actually purring. Also, definitely check out a Levi's store and try on these jeans (see my review). If it is not your style, Levi's offers others for under $100. Next time I make it down to the Fashion Show Mall, I might consider buying a duplicate pair.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitting Room: J. Crew Jules Dress in Scroll Print

I am a new fan of the J. Crew Jules dress. My first encounter was the fanfare pattern that happened to be a great bargain for under $36. On my last visit to the J. Crew store at Town Square, I tried the Jules Dress in Scroll Print in 00. I was hoping to wait for a sale price online, but the item is already sold out.

The dress is lined, with the exception of the sleeves. There is some dimpling of fabric on the sides of the bust. Also, I was not completely convinced that the yellow was flattering on me. The Jules Dress in Snowcat would be a better option for color-phobes like me, but again, it is sold out online. According to Shopsense, the sale price is $99.99. It would be great to see that pop back up during the current sale code of GET40.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sale Alert: Michael Stars Sheer Jersey Dolman Drape Neck Top

UPDATE The Michael Stars website now lists the graphite color as full price. The sale price of the other colors is up a few dollars to $31.20.

SECOND/THIRD UPDATE I was disappointed to receive a confirmation email for the full price of the top. I can only assume it had to do with the item changing prices just hours after placing my order. I emailed customer service my original receipt price and the problem was quickly solved (thank you to Selena!). I also want to alert everyone that free shipping is now being offered at any price through this Sunday. The frequent "one size" options of Michael Stars may not sound appealing to petites, but there are items that would pair nicely with leggings and boots.

The Michael Stars Sheer Jersey Dolman Drape Neck Top, one of my favorite clothing purchases of the fall/winter season, has been marked down from $78 to $28.80. At that price, I decided to order a duplicate. After taxes, shipping, and a new subscriber sign-up code of 10% off, my total came to $35.27, about half of what I paid originally. I highly recommend this top, that actually fits more like a tunic for me. It pairs nicely with the J. Crew signature leggings (I am wearing a size xxs), and those shorter than me might be able to wear this as a party dress. This is a difficult piece to measure, but the approximate length in back is 28 inches. Width is about 19 inches.

The purpose of the picture set below is to give you a better idea of the fit unbelted, but let me also preface this with the following: It was a windy day. I realize after seeing the pictures that my makeup application could have been much better!

Here is how I styled it back in my November post. This was my most repeated look these last few months.

CLOTHES: Michael Stars top, J. Crew leggings
JEWELRY: Nadri skull necklace, bracelets from Dillard's
ACCESSORIES: Dr. Martens boots, sash from old skirt used as belt, Chanel purse

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit Featuring J. Crew Painter Tee With Buttons

CLOTHES: J. Crew tee & jeans (review)
JEWELRY: Sheila Fajl necklace (more info), Crewcuts bracelet
ACCESSORIES: J. Crew belt, Tory Burch flats (review), Dior sunglasses, Louis Vuitton purse

This painter tee with buttons (size xs) was a gift from my parents this Christmas. The sleeves are short, about an inch or two from the bottom of my wrist. I usually roll my sleeves up, so this is no issue for me. The solid colors are currently sold out online, but there is a striped version available.

See the painter boatneck tee in size xxs on Ping here. She also styled one back in 2011 with a scarf here.

J. Crew Sale: Extra 40% off final sale w/code GET40. In stores & online until 1/29

Sunday, January 20, 2013

J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Black Watch (Last J. Crew Town Square Purchase)

CLOTHES: J. Crew shirt (tag info), Levi's jeans (review)
JEWELRY: J. Crew necklace, Crewcuts bracelet,
ACCESSORIES: GAP belt, Merrell boots (review)

J. Crew at Town Square is closing tomorrow, so I stopped by this weekend to see what I could find. I only left with this top (an okay price at $25.50 after discounts) and a pair of $8 pajama pants for my husband. I am wearing a size 2, with the expectation of this being a piece to wear with both skinny jeans and leggings. Plus, that was the only size available and I wanted to walk out of there with something to commemorate my last purchase at the store.

Some faults that I noticed from these pictures: I did a poor tuck job. Bunching in the back...probably will be better with leggings. Awaiting a sale so I can order J. Crew's signature leggings in navy. See them on me here in black, size xxs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teaching Outfit Featuring Sheila Fajl Lapis Lazuli Necklace

CLOTHES: fei tunic, Abercrombie & Fitch leggings
JEWELRY: Sheila Fajl necklace,
ACCESSORIES: Sperry shoes (review)

I received the Sheila Fajl Lapis Lazuli necklace as a Christmas gift from my in-laws. I love the delicate chain with the ample stone. offers free shipping on orders over $100, but read the customer service details carefully. At first glance, her pieces appear to be outside of what I am willing to spend on jewelry (which is currently anything more than $100), but there is an Under $100 section with some great pieces (for example, this versatile necklace).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

J. Crew Closing in Las Vegas

I was bummed when I received the above postcard today. No more J. Crew (besides the outlet) in Vegas. A sales associate informed me that the location is offering an additional 50% off of sale items, most likely until the closing date of January 21. The SA also mentioned that they will accept the 15% teacher discount. That 65% off is very enticing! Goodbye J. Crew! I will miss your great sale finds. For nostalgic purposes, see my favorite deals here and here. Glad there is J. Crew Aficionada and other bloggers to review their finds.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Outfit

CLOTHES: LOFT tee, Sparrow sweater, AG Jeans
JEWELRY: J. Crew necklace (see original inspiration on Ping)
ACCESSORIES: ASOS snood, J. Crew purse, Banana Republic belt, Sperry shoes (review)

Wore this to make beaded jewelry and play board games with my nieces. My creation was awful and unintentionally inappropriate (the purple part).

Friday, January 4, 2013

Merrell Captiva Launch Waterproof Boots & Washington Pictures

Merrell Captiva Launch Waterproof Boots, cinnamon/molasses in 7.5

This last minute find from REI ended up going with me on my trip to Washington. I am usually a 7-7.5, and found the 7.5 to fit well with either thin or thick socks. The zipper makes these easy for airport travel. As usual, I appreciate the absence of gold or silver hardware. Above all, they are incredibly comfortable and warm! More information on this style can be found, which includes more than seventy reviews. I noticed that some reviewers mentioned the buttons can pop off, which has me worried.

Currently, your cheapest option seems to be through Piperlime, although it is strictly a cinnamon color. also offers the exact color shown above, but still at full price. Another cute pair by Merrell is their Captiva Strap boot.

My advice for those that rarely visit the snow is to find a transitional pair of waterproof boots that you can also wear in your typical cold weather. Try to avoid details like faux fur and excessive rubber (example here). That style appears out of place when there is no ice or snow. Any other tips you can give would be helpful and appreciated. :)

A look at my Merrell's in action, plus pictures of our (my husband, his parents, his sister and her husband, our newest nephew) trip...

I really wanted to try sledding in the backyard...did not work so well. There were some rare occasions when I stepped in knee-deep snow. I was able to unzip my boots to get snow out, but did not have to remove them completely.

Some hills at a nearby golf course were much more conducive to sledding. Too bad my first attempt was not caught on tape...I chose my hill poorly. It was not smoothed out well, so lots of snow got in my sled and on me.

Drinking beer or wine out of the refrigerator will no longer suffice now that I have experienced a makeshift snow cooler (see the top of the patio table).

We were happy to discover a heated garage with a ping pong table. The rocking chairs were a comfy way to watch.

The scenery on one of the walks my husband and I went on.

An additional rocking chair! That fireplace kept us so warm!

Another walk. It was about a mile. I was ready to be inside by the fireplace with an ice cold wine! I outfitted myself with Elle's shawl :)

My attempt at pattern mixing. I wore this same combination on Christmas.

The view after take off from Sea-Tac Airport. If it were not for the cats, I would want to stay!

Current items pictured: Levi's jeans (review), Dior sunglasses, Banana Republic pearl necklace

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Looking forward to catching up! :)

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