Wednesday, October 3, 2012's Fast & Free Shipping

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One of my favorite things about is that I can rely on them for fast shipping. I placed my order on Sunday night and received my package on Tuesday! I average about four orders a year, and this is typical of the company. I notice that most shipments come out of California, so anyone living on the West coast will likely experience this fast shipping. Also, shipping is free when you spend $49 or more, which is easy to do. If you are just a few dollars away from free shipping, the $4 Supersmile tongue cleaner is great!

Here is what was included in my last order:

Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads  I needed to re-stock on my favorite "cure" for cystic acne. I highly recommend this product. For more information, see my review here.

Clarisonic deep pore cleansing brush head  Another item I needed to replenish. The website suggests replacing every 2-3 months. Since I only use this device at night, I swap out around 6 months.

Joey New York peel-off masque  When I used the SK-II skin analyzer (more info on that here) this weekend, the pores around my nose were noticeably more clogged than they had been at my previous visit. After reading the description for this product, it seemed like a good solution. I have already used this mask once and am surprised that it really did peel off my skin. However, it seems like I had to use a lot of this product. Plus, I did not feel that my pores were cleaned that much, as evidenced by the Biore pore strips that I used hours later...there was a lot of junk on those things! I know it is too early to tell, but not sure if I would re-order this. I do like the Borghese mask, so I may just keep using that and buy more pore strips. Any other solutions for clogged pores around the nose?

Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex  I bought this to replace the Topix power of three serum I was using at night. The formula was just a little too light. I was considering ordering the Topix cream, but liked the price and stated benefits of the Exuviance better. I used this product for the first time last night and love the amount of moisture I get from it. Every few nights I will apply this after the Afirm 2x to get more anti-aging benefits.

Hope you are having a great week!! :)

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