Saturday, September 8, 2012

Skulls: Featuring Nadri Skull Necklace

nadri skull pendant necklace

I love skulls. Any other fans out there? The above necklace is the newest addition to my collection, gifted by my mother-in-law. Here are a few other skull items that bring a smile to my face:

I bought this back in March, and it quickly became one of my favorite casual accessories. Although no longer available, Crewcuts came out with another style, but I am finding it challenging to style. See my pic of it here

This guy is part of a necklace by Fileena, a jewelry designer whose pieces can be found in television and movies. I had the chance to meet her on my last trip to Maui, and I could tell from our conversation that she puts so much passion, love, and thought into each piece she makes. It makes owning the piece more special.

A set of drinking glasses and skull wine charms are a much-loved gift from my sister-in-law. If I am having a drink at home, it is more than likely sporting a skull of some sort.

I just came across this picture recently. More than three years ago my sister-in-law created this design from the beer bottle caps my husband and I have collected over the years.

We picked out these gifts from Pirate's Plunder in Seattle for our nephew's 6 month birthday. The bib and other skull items are available on their website here.

Styling A Skull Necklace

If you like skulls but want to avoid looking scary, I suggest opting for smaller pieces. It also helps to layer with another necklace of similar size. The Dogeared pieces featured below are dainty and perfect for layering. These are priced under $70 and ship for free:

charmed in gold and silver, a little edge in gold and silver

More Dogeared pieces for less than $40 and free shipping:

skull charm, make a wish (pricier black diamond version here)

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. I admire the skull look on others but know that I don't have the edgy bad-assness required to pull it off, LOL.

  2. lol, I had no idea you were skull-crazy! hehe, my gosh I love the "surrender the booby" bib! I'll keep that one in mind for baby-shower gifts!

  3. Very cool! There are a bunch of super cool skull bracelets out now that I want to try! Love that beer cap design :)


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