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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, 5 ounces
sample size, .3 fl ounces

Now is the best time to try out new beauty products or stock up on old favorites during the Saks Fifth Avenue beauty event. It starts in stores tomorrow (details here) and is currently available online. A product that instantly qualifies you for the beauty bag is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I started using this product in February and loved the results I experienced, but the high price has me hesitant to repurchase.


Here is what the product claims to do, via the Saks website:

Skin Balancing Essence. The heart of the SK-II range. The second point in your Ritual. This unique Pitera-rich product moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. It contains the most concentrated amount of Pitera of all the SK-II skincare products--around 90% pure SK-II Pitera. It absorbs easily and leaves your skin looking radiant, with a supple, smooth feel

First Impressions

I was excited when an SK-II representative offered me four samples of the Essence, but secretly hoped it would not work wonders because of the high price tag. I told myself, "Don't be duped! This is probably an over-priced department store brand!" Unfortunately for my wallet, I was hooked with just a few uses. What I noticed was a more even and less-oily complexion. I was so pleased with my skin that I stopped wearing foundation.

How Long Did 5 Ounces Last?

The bottle I had purchased at the start of February ran out by mid-July. At first, I used it day and night, dispensing way more than I needed. When there was only a fourth of the product left, I decided to use it strictly in the morning after washing and toning my face. If I do make this purchase again, I think I can get eight months out of a five ounce bottle if I reserve the product for morning use only.

Why I Am Undecided

The price tag is holding me back. A five ounce bottle is $155! I also feel that I take good enough care of my skin with other anti-aging products (see post here), that this may be a luxury item that I do not need. But then I keep thinking about how good my skin looked with this product, which causes me to lean towards purchasing my second bottle.

Find A Good Sales Associate

I highly recommend scoping out a good sales associate who is willing to talk with you about the product and offer you samples. If you are at the Saks in Vegas, I recommend requesting Carol Jule. In less than five visits Carol has gifted me nearly ten essence samples, four eye masks, two whitening source derm-revival masks, and one facial treatment mask. That is over $100 worth of products!

A Fun Bonus...The Skin Analyzer

The SK-II counter at my local Saks features a complimentary skin analyzer, similar to what I have seen in a dermatologist office. Just Put Your Face in the Little Box and Say ‘Aah’ is a good read if you plan on using this device. The article describes exactly what the machine does, features pictures of the process, describes people's insecurities after using the machine, and the benefits of seeing your results. I have used the machine twice. Yes, I felt a little disheartened after my first time because Carol pointed out my premature smile lines, and the fine lines forming around my eyes. I have been using anti-aging products and been an avid sunscreen wearer since my early twenties! How could it be? However, I found the overall process to be helpful because now I am aware of the problem areas I need to target even more. Additionally, I like that my file can be saved and accessed each time I visit for comparison.

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Your Thoughts?

Please share your experiences with this product to help others decide if this is something they want to try. After writing this post, I do feel as if I am leaning towards repurchasing.


  1. i love trying new products, but like you, i really hate spending that much! still waiting for sephora's sale later this year to try some new stuff (with free returns!)

  2. I've heard SO many good things about SK-II! I was once at an event where they were giving out free samples and people were lined up like crazy. And the samples were teeny tiny, LOL. My mom pounced on them immediately. I'm a horrible skin care person, but I know that I should be more vigilant about it. Being short isn't going to help me look young forever, hahah!

  3. WOW! This must be very nice. I do love to have one of that product. So excited to use it. Thanks!

  4. My Girlfriend uses Essence SK-II Facial Treatment and she says it's awesome. It gives complete nourishment to your skin and keeps your skin healthy and fresh. Day Spa Austin


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