Saturday, August 18, 2012

TOMS Desert Bootie

toms desert bootie

We stopped by Nordstrom today so my husband could check out the men's department. While he was at the register, I walked over to the shoes to see what was new. I really liked the look of these TOMS. I can see them working with jeans, tights, or bare-legs. I can also appreciate when there is no hardware on shoes. However, there is the very obvious blue tag on the back. I wish those were not there. As for the fit, there were no size 6.5's of this style, but I was able to determine after trying on a 6 (could not easily get my foot in) and a 7 (a little loose), that a 6.5 was probably going to work. Unfortunately, the sales associate that was supposed to be helping me was odd. She seemed inconvenienced and not willing to provide extra assistance. She did not even offer to order the 6.5's and have them shipped to me. It was very strange. But since I usually feel snubbed at the Nordstrom shoe department in Vegas, this came as no surprise. So rather than give her credit for the sale, I just ordered these myself in a size 6.5 in taupe suede.

j. crew macalister wedge boots, in calf hair

I have been curious about these J. Crew boots. Going back to my comment about hardware from before, I like that these are so neutral. When shoes are adorned with gold or silver, it makes it more restricting when accessorizing. I have been trying to stay away from shoes that have metal details, but it is often difficult to avoid.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! :)


  1. ahhhh I am in love! Must get me a pair asap!

  2. Seam ripper the blue tag off

    1. Good idea! I did a Google search for that, but nothing came up. I might try it on an old pair. But I may chicken out on the new pair. :/

    2. did you try the seam ripper. I am considering it too.


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