Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baked Crepes Stuffed with Beans, Veggies, Cheese, and Pepperoni

I loved this dish so much that I made it two days in a row for lunch! The original inspiration is from a blog called Maria's Farm Country Kitchen. I came to her blog from a Google search for pasta sauce ideas. As I browsed her recipes more, Manicotti from Heaven was a perfect match for me! I ended up forgetting to buy ricotta at the store, so I improvised and mashed up some white beans.

Ingredient List

for the crepes
     1 egg
     1/4 cup water
     1/4 cup whole wheat flour
     pinch of salt

for the filling
     1/2 cup cannellini beans
     1/2 cup diced vegetables
     1 tablespoon goat cheese
     6+ slices pepperoni, diced

     1/2 cup or more pasta sauce

     makes two

Mix the egg and water. Add the flour and salt and combine until smooth. Set aside.

Mash the beans. Add goat cheese and pepperoni.

If desired, saute your vegetables. I sauteed my carrots and onion for a little more than three minutes on medium heat. Add to filling mixture and combine.

Pour half the crepe batter onto a non-stick skillet lightly coated with olive oil. Cook for one minute over medium heat on each side. Repeat once more with remaining batter.

Line the middle of each crepe with the filling. Roll up one side, then the next.

Line a baking dish with non-stick foil. Pour 1/2 your pasta sauce on bottom. Add the crepes. Top with the remaining pasta sauce. Garnish with more goat cheese. Bake on 350° for 30 minutes.

>>> Click here for printable recipe

What would you change to make this fit your unique tastes?
Let me know if you try this recipe or your own variation!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sperry Top-Sider 'Bluefish 2-Eye' Boat Shoe

sperry top-sider 'bluefish 2-eye' boat shoe, 6.5 in linen/oat
style #160168   price: $84.95

I felt like I was in need of a new pair of shoes for my upcoming Seattle trip. My criteria for the perfect pair for the occasion was: neutral color, non-white soles, and comfy enough for lots of city walking. With this in mind, the Nordstrom sales associate directed me towards the Sperry's. The Bluefish 2-Eye style (also seen sported by Cee) fulfilled my requirements. "These are sooo perfect!!" was uttered quite a few times. I will let you know if these live up to the hype in my head!

The Fit

I did size down to a 6.5. I am usually a size 7 or 7.5 in shoes (with the exception of a size 6.5 in TOMs). I have already worn these once with no-show socks. It was a quick outing, but I still feel confident that they will serve me well in Seattle and even for a casual work day.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

My J. Crew Deals + Teacher Discount

full price > in store sale price > my final price w/promo + teacher discount

shirred mini tweed skirt      $118   >   $24.99   >   $14.97

postage stamp tweed skirt      $98   >   $49.99   >   $29.74

cotton cable sweater      $79.50   >   $19.99   >   $11.89

marled cable pullover in stripe      $95.00   >   $19.99   >   $11.89

vintage cotton tee      $29.50   >   $19.99   >   $11.89

navy headband      $14.50   >   $2.99   >   $1.78

J. Crew is offering 30% off sale purchases in stores and online (use code MUSTHAVE) until Monday, July 9. A warning, the prices are final sale. Teachers, remember to take your teacher ID card with you to receive your extra 15% off, totaling 45% off the sale price! The J. Crew in Las Vegas has been more consistent about offering the teacher discount with promotional sales. I hope teachers in other cities are able to get the same deal.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

J. Crew 30% Off Sale

J. Crew is offering 30% off sale purchases both in stores and online (use code MUSTHAVE) until Monday, July 9. There is a mix of both regular and final sale items online. On the rare occasion that I do purchase final sale items, they are usually accessories. Here are some items that are priced decently after the promo:

brompton hobo                       boardwalk tote                       tillary purse

chevron belt                       brompton clutch                       braided rope belt

makeup pouch                       candy-stripe clutch                       patent leather belt

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dream Daily by Rozae Nichols Henga Shirtdress

dream daily by rozae nichols' henga shirtdress, small in red motif
style #24604829   sale price: $168.00 $49.95

I tried on a handful of sale dresses at Anthropologie last week. I was ready to pass on all, but my mom insisted that this dress was cute and wanted to buy it for my birthday. I did have to settle with a size small, but a belt and bralette make this dress more flattering. Size xs is still available online, plus you get an extra 25% off since this is a sale item.

The last button is where the stripe pattern begins. I will most likely safety pin this a couple inches below to feel more secure.

If arm holes are too large on an item, I think a bralette is a good solution. I am wearing a Free People bralette in xs. A belt also helped slim this dress. The one I am wearing is the Aubrey belt from J. Crew that I picked up for less than $6 back in April. J. Crew offers a similar looking option in lots of pretty colors with their skinny leather belt.

Some online reviewers mentioned that the parrot print is not crisp. Also, the fabric feels a little clingy.

Approximate Measurements and Garment Details

size s / measurements in inches
  • bust - 17.5
  • side length - 26.25
  • length at center back - 36.5
  • length of opening below front buttons - 9.5
  • 100% polyester ; hand wash or dry clean

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Receive an extra 25% off your sale purchases at Anthropologie stores and online
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anthropologie Sale Find: Splendid Softly Shaped Buttondown

splendid softly shaped button down, xs in blue
style #24029597   sale price: $98.00 $29.95

At first this shirt seems too large on me, but it looks much better after rolling up the sleeves. It is a little too short for me to tuck in to jeans, so I will just let it hang. Unfortunately my new find will not get much wear until Vegas cools down, but I will definitely pack this for Seattle next week!

Approximate Measurements and Garment Details

size xs / measurements in inches
  • width at shoulders - 16
  • bust - 18
  • length of sleeve - 24.5
  • length at center front* - 18.75
  • length at center back - 23.75
  • 100% rayon / sleeves are 50% pima cotton & 50% modal; machine washable

*measured from very top button to bottom hem

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Receive an extra 25% off your sale purchases at Anthropologie stores and online
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The Packet Method: Oven-Steamed Broccoli

My husband detests broccoli, but I love those smelly greens! So how can I make a dinner for both of us but still have my broccoli without too much hassle? It is super simple with my packet method. Let's say I am making my broiled tomato and bell pepper sauce for dinner. All I do is throw my broccoli packet in the oven while the pasta is cooking. When the meal is ready, I mix the broccoli in my own bowl. It never touches the sauce my husband will be consuming, and no extra pot for him to clean! Of course, there are so many other uses for the packet method. The bottom line is, life in the kitchen will be so much easier!

Ingredient List

     1 cup chopped broccoli
     extra virgin olive oil
     kosher salt
     12"x16" sheet of aluminum foil

     yields one serving

Preheat the oven to 350 °. On the sheet of foil, toss broccoli, olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Center the broccoli. Lift up the longer sides and bring together, forming a middle seam. Fold this once and flatten out. Fold the ends twice.

Cook on middle rack for 10-15 minutes.

>>> Click here for printable recipe

My Inspiration Was...

Emeril Lagasse. Over a year ago (or maybe even two!) I was watching Fresh Food Fast with Emeril Lagasse and his Shrimp en Papillote recipe grabbed my attention. Not being a shrimp lover, I was most interested in the technique he used to steam the vegetables in the oven. I decided to attempt it with broccoli, tomatoes, and soy sauce. I loved the results, but not the inconvenience of the parchment paper. After using foil on my next attempt, I have not returned to the former since.

Notes and Tools

  • Mix in some beans and another vegetable or two to create a light lunch.
  • This method can be used with so many different vegetables. Play around with the cooking time to achieve your desired level of doneness

What would you change to make this fit your unique tastes?
Let me know if you try this recipe or your own variation!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Meetup With Ping!!

As some of you already know, Ping from All About Fashion Stuff and I met for the first time this past Wednesday in Vegas. What originally started as a daytime shopping trip turned into a "let's hang out later, too!" For the daytime pics, head over to Pings post, Road Trip: LA & Vegas! Here are a few evening snapshots:

We unintentionally chain necklace, red/white combo, and neutral heels.

I was really excited for my husband (pictured right) to meet Ping and her boyfriend! Like I told Ping, I am glad that the boys were able to chat just as easily as us!

One last picture before my husband and I had to leave!

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