Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Outfit Featuring Lagos Rope Necklace

CLOTHES: american eagle dress
JEWELRY: lagos necklace with craft beads, nadri bangle
ACCESSORIES: american eagle belt and sandals, nordstrom purse

I rediscovered a box of beads that my mother-in-law gave me while I was in college. I found some turquoise beads that could be strung on the lagos rope necklace I received for my birthday last summer. What I love most about this chain is that although it is slightly thick, I can still string various pendants or beads on it to change the look.

This is the original pendant that came with my chain.

With a Mars and Valentine pendant.

Hope everyone had a nice start to their week! :)


  1. michelle, love the original pendant! it's such a pretty necklace and it's cool that you can put other pendants with it.

  2. I always find the cutest summer dresses from AE and yours is no exception!

  3. I love your original necklace so much. It is really pretty!

  4. The dress is perfect for summer. I love the Mars and Valentine pendant.

  5. One of my favourite colour combinations is white with turquoise jewellery. It is so beautiful and looks fantastic on you!

    <3 Jenny

  6. Love the DIY necklaces!

    <3 S


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