Friday, June 15, 2012

J. Crew Summerlight Terry Dolman-Sleeve Hoodie

summerlight terry dolman-sleeve hoodie, xxs in heather blue
style #69630   current price: $75.00 $59.99

I wanted to post these pics since I saw that the xxs popped back up online. I bought this sweater in grey and blue over the winter and they quickly became my favorites to wear when I just wanted to feel comfy and casual. The current online price is much higher than what I paid in store. You can gamble and see if the xxs is still around during an online sales promo. You could also see if you can track one down in stores.

UPDATE: I ended up returning the zazzy zebra tunic to Banana Republic today. I just had a feeling of guilt knowing that I spent $90 on something that would not get worn enough. Plus, my husband did not like it at all! Sadly, the return process was such a hassle and left me feeling, for lack of a better word, crappy. Here is how the start of it went, as best as I can remember:

SA: Why are you returning the item?

ME: Oh, it's just a little pricier than I normally spend on an item.

SA: But it is a limited edition item!

ME: Well, my husband did not like it.

SA: Wow! He has so much control! If mine said that I would (this is where she either said) "tell him to jump off a cliff" (or) "kick him to the curb."

Perhaps she thought she was trying to inspire poor little me to be a stronger wife, but I saw it as a lack of professionalism. And then the process of returning the tunic proceeded to take at least 10 minutes. I had paid for my last Banana purchase with two gift cards and the remaining amount on my credit card, so this caused some confusion on her part. Normally, I would be totally fine with that, but I was agitated by her previous remark and just wanted to be out of there.

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  1. wow, that comment by the BR SA is totally unprofessional. Sorry to hear that!

  2. oooh, that hoodie looks so comfy....I want a new hoodie for the fall/winter but Summer is about to begin! hehehe :)

  3. What a joke! My bf's opinions on my style/clothing actually HELP me decide on whether to keep or return things. I've never seen it as controlling.. that SA was extremely rude and unprofessional.

  4. That is annoying! People need to mind their own business! That hoodie looks so cute and comfy, I need more cute casual wear like that!

  5. It's unfortunate that some people think the way they live is THE WAY, and everyone else who are different deserves to be eliminated from earth. So sorry for your experience, Michelle. For all my returns I use one diplomatic line always "I changed my mind." unless there is really something wrong with the item. Only reason why SA asks is because they have to put a reason code in the return process and this will give them that.
    BTW, I just replied to your question on this post. Sorry to have taken so long, but I wanted to do an experiment first. ;)

  6. the hoodie looks SO comfy! some SA's think they have to respond to things and tell people what to do. just process the return lady! :/ xox P

  7. wow, rude. im returning it cuz i dont want it. geeezzzz. the hoodie is super cute!

  8. Oh, Sorry to hear your experience. That comment from SA is so unprofessional! That hoodie looks cute on you!

  9. What a rude SA! I hate returning things in general because of judgmental SAs (esp. at J. Crew). Usually the Gap family is really nice and fast about returns, so I'm surprised this one was so inappropriate :(

  10. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience returning an item. I returned the blue tunic from the Trina Turk for BR line and they didn't even ask for a reason.


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