Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tory Burch Eddie Flats

tory burch eddie flat, 7.5 royal tan
style #351372   price: $178.00

These appear to be the perfect flats for me: wear-with-anything color and no hardware. Additionally, after wearing these out (work, shopping, errands) more than ten times, the size 7.5 (I am usually a size 7 or 7.5 in shoes) did not cause any blisters. I also find them to be much more comfortable than the Reva flats. But don't get too excited...

Unfortunately, these flats have one major downfall...the bottoms are already showing wear. Here is what one reviewer had to say about these flats on

I have two other pairs of Tory Burch shoes -- which I love. I ordered the Eddies and they are, I'm sorry to say, awful. Not only do they run at least 1/2 size small, but after just 3 wears the leather is already wearing on the bottom/side of the shoe because the bottom sole isn't wide enough. They are one of the worst purchases I have made -- and because I wore them outside I cannot return them.

Here is a look at the premature damage of my shoes...

I am disappointed in the quick wear of these flats. I expected a much better quality out of this brand.

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  1. Nice flats! They would go with everything!

  2. Oh.. sorry to hear that. I would expect more for that price and yes, it is Tory Burch. Those shoes look nice on you though..

  3. Hmm, surprised that they are wearing so quickly! Have you thought about contacting TB CS? Maybe they have some kind of new sole they can send you?

    1. I might consider contacting them. Better to be turned down than not try at all.

  4. oh no! i'm wondering if you can take it to your cobbler and have them put something underneath to protect the bottom?

  5. Aww boo I'm sorry to hear that! I thought they were more well-made than that I guess. Hope you can salvage them at the cobbler!

    A Little Piece of Fashion and Beauty

  6. Sorry to hear your Eddies are letting you down. I have both the Eddies and the Revas and the Eddie aren't near as durable as the Revas. That said the Eddies were comfy right out of the box, where as the Reva caused me lots of pain. I hope they end up working out for you. These are my Eddie
    And these are my Revas


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