Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads: My Cure for Cystic Acne

topix gly sal 10-2 pads, 60 pads for $19.10

I am so excited to share with you an inexpensive product that has helped rid me of the painful boils on my jawline and neck. Once I reached my mid-twenties, I started to experience deep, unsightly, and, worst of all, painful acne. After Internet research and talking to women in the skincare profession, it seemed my only option was to go on medication due to its "hormonal" nature. In a last ditch effort to avoid popping a pill, I tried the Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads and they worked! So ecstatic, I wrote a review about my results on two years ago (please excuse my incorrect capitalization of spring):

"This product has helped me with my cystic acne, which frequently appeared on my jawline. I have not had one since I started using this product back in the Spring of this year! I only use this product in my nightly ritual (after I have washed my face). I follow up with a retinol treatment, Afirm 1x (will be boosting up to 2x next). Please note, I had been using the retinol treatment for several months longer than the 10-2 pads. The retinol has helped my "regular" acne (use it more for the anti-aging benefits), but the 10-2 pads have put a stop to the painful cystic acne."

As you read above, I believe that this product quickly cleared up my cystic acne. Over a year of being healed, I started cutting back the amount of times I used this product to about twice a week. My cystic acne did not come back instantly, but crept back during the winter of 2011. A couple months ago I decided to return to my nightly ritual of using the gly-sal pads, which solved my problem just as it had before. With those two experiences, I feel that I can honestly pinpoint my "cure" as this product. For $19.10 it is worth a shot if you are experiencing the same suffering as I once did!

How I use it in my nightly regimen:

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
DHC Mild Soap with the Clarisonic Mia
Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
(insert an anti-aging product here)*
*I had previously mentioned that I use Topix Replenix Power of Three Serum after the Essence. I ran out of the serum, so I am currently using whatever anti-aging samples I have until I order more.

If you have any other products to recommend (or avoid) for cystic acne, please share them in the comments. Let me know if you try this product and how it goes for you! :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

J. Crew Jules Dress in Fanfare & Other Sale FInds

On my long-awaited Friday night, I visited J. Crew during the last hours of their 30% off sale promotion. I am so proud of my finds! $70.72 got me a dress, necklace, belt, and bracelet. The Jules Dress in Fanfare was my best deal. Originally $188, I paid just under $36! I was also happy to receive my 15% teacher discount in combination with the 30% off promotion.

Here is a look at it styled:

CLOTHES: j. crew jules dress, size oo
JEWELRY: j. crew necklace & bracelet
ACCESSORIES: j. crew belt, ann taylor heels

The blank canvas:

Dress Measurements & Details:
17.25" width that increases to 19.75 at bottom; front length 29"
Sleeve length (bottom measurement) 14.5"
100% rayon with 100% polyester lining, dry clean only

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Friday, April 20, 2012

French Connection Berrie Frill Dress

CLOTHES: french connection dress, size 2
JEWELRY: lagos necklace & pendant, nordstrom bracelet, banana republic rings
ACCESSORIES: j. crew purse, tory burch flats

This dress was a final sale purchase from French Connection about a month back. Since I am Italian and love cooking, the pattern of this dress was reminded me of olive oil. There was no size 0 in store, but I gave the 2 a shot and it fit me fine. Although no longer available online, it might still be at your local store.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends! Every workday this week has felt like it should have been Friday, so I am ready to enjoy the night!! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J. Crew Italian Leather Stud Belt

CLOTHES: j. crew tee and pants
JEWELRY: necklaces from grandma's jewelry box / ann taylor bracelet
ACCESSORIES: j. crew belt / nina wedges / gucci wallet

Ideally, a size xs would have been best for me, but none were in store and I was too in love with the color and style to pass it up. The leather measures 42.5 inches. The smallest fit for this belt leaves enough leftover that it reaches the second belt loop at my hip. My solution is doing the front-tuck so that the excess leather is not showing. Currently, this item is no longer available online, but I saw several left in store last weekend, especially in the brown. Also, "sold out" items do sometimes reappear on

A critique regarding the wedges...I need to get shoe inserts to keep my toes from sticking out! My toes look ridiculous! Since seeing this image, I have been pairing these pants with the Tory Burch Eddie Flats in royal tan. They were a necessary splurge...I wanted a pair of neutral flats without hardware. I am loving them!

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