Wednesday, February 15, 2012

J. Crew Saturday Pant

j. crew saturday pant, xxs in heather midnight
style #33004   sale price: $59.50 $49.99

If you missed out on J. Crew's in-store deals, many of their final sale items are available online in small sizes since the stores have cleared their merchandise. I bought these pants a couple months back and have been in love. I have been wearing them almost daily around the house, and I plan to wear them when I travel.

This is how they look rolled over. Caution! I rolled them without paying any attention to the elastic waist, so over time it got twisted and took me about fifteen minutes to fix. Not fun. Also annoying, the seam of the inner-left leg will sometimes shift below the knee so that it looks crooked. Despite that defect, I still love these pants.

I love how cozy and form-fitting these are.

Two big back pockets that lay flat. Nice spot for my cell phone when I am walking around the house.

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  1. cute comfy pants!! love them on you michelle. looks like they would be good for traveling.

  2. Cute cozy pant and they look fantastic on you!

  3. They fit you so well and look so comfortable! Love the heather gray too.

  4. Those pants look so comfy. I also like the color. They look great on you.

  5. The pants look so comfy! I love the grey and they look great as a fitted pair of sweatpants.

  6. I love that they're slim-cut AND comfy! That's a rarity for sure.

  7. I love how chic these look! I almost bought some skinny sweats from A&F kids but didn't like the logo. I'll have to check out JCrew ones now!

  8. I'm tempted to get a pair of J Crew sweatpants. Does this fit true to size?

  9. I think they do. I see they are no longer available online, though. :(

  10. Oh my goodness, I googled j.crew saturday pants to see if anyone else had the same problem with the leg shifting, and you do too! On mine it's the right leg, and it's every single time I wear them. It's starting to drive me crazy because I love them so much, but they start to look sloppy when the leg shifts. Glad to know i'm not the only one! ;)

    1. How funny! You are right about it looking sloppy. What drives me more nuts is the waistband getting all twisted in the back. Despite these two major flaws, I do love them for around the house or an airplane ride. :)


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