Thursday, January 5, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #12: From Night to Day

"Restyle a glamorous look that you would typically wear for a night-out-on-the-town into daytime casual wear."

Thank you to Khatu for hosting this challenge!

CLOTHES: queue tube dress (old) / free people crochet tunic
JEWELRY: na hoku hawaiian slipper
ACCESSORIES: martin + osa belt / bcbgmaxazria sandals / j. crew purse

See the night version of this tube dress styled for the PFC #7

This picture was taken in Maui in 2009, but it also gives you an idea of the "night" item I am wearing. And introducing my husband, Jon! :)

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  1. That crochet tunic is very neat. I would have never thought to pair a crotchet tunic with a tube dress. Very creative! It's great to finally meet your husband =)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my PFC outfit - I don't know if the skirt as dress thing would work without the jacket, the elasticized top looks a little weird alone, but let me know how it goes. I also love this idea of adding a tunic over a dress to dress it down. Looks great!

  3. I agree with Sydney - great layering with the tunic! You and your hubby make such a cute couple! Is he a lot taller than you?

  4. Cute look! I love how the crochet looks over the dress. And it's great to finally meet your hubby :D

  5. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Petite-ish If it works, I will definitely post pics! I am excited to try it out! :)

    @SewPetiteGal Thanks! :) Not much taller...he is 5'6" He is sitting on the arm of the chair in that pic! :)

  6. The crochet tunic almost gives your dress a 20's flapper feel. Very unique! And nice to see your hubby make his first appearance on the blog!

  7. What a beautiful tunic, I love the intricate crochet details on it. Looks so beautiful on you!

    I had so much fun joining you ladies for my 1st PFC ;)

  8. You and your hubby are so cute together!

    and ditto what Kelly said...I almost said the same thing! :)

  9. so that's the man behind your smiley pictures! you two look so young and cute! and that crochet tunic is AMAZING in so many ways! great layering piece!

  10. You and your husband so cute. The tunic is awesome. Love the crotchet detail on the tunic.

  11. Aww cute photo of you and the hubby, Michelle! That tunic is so pretty too...great job!

  12. You seriously have some of the coolest, most unique items! That tunic is awesome! And so happy to see a pic of you and the husband, so cute!

  13. Michelle, you've got the boho chic look down pat. Great daytime look!

  14. Thanks for introducing us to your hubs! That dress fits you really nicely- you are too adorable Michelle!

  15. michelle-- you have such fun clothes!! such a cute boho chic outfit. good to see your other half!

  16. So creative Michelle, you and your husband are an adorable couple! And how do I train my kitty to do that? LOL!

  17. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) Lol! I just put my hand up and he goes for it! None of the others do that! I love how all of them are so different! :)

  18. Great necklace from Na Hoku! Nice match.


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