Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banana Republic Leopard Shrug and Saffiano Leather Belt

banana republic leopard shrug, xs in light gray heather
style #8842404   my price: $59.50 $20.99

Those of you familiar with Banana Republic know that their in-store markdowns tend to be better than their online prices. For example, this shrug was tagged at $29.99 (plus an additional 30% off), but the online price is $34.99. I chose a regular size xs, which provides just enough room in the arms to be comfortable in my warm classroom, but still fit well.

Measurements before wash/dry: 19.25" length in back; 9.5" sleeve radius

This belt measures 37.5" (not including buckle) and has 13 hole options. It was 30% off the sale price of $14.99.

banana republic saffiano leather skinny belt, s in black with gold hardware
style #855851   my price: $24.50 $10.49

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  1. That shrug looks good on you. I am not leopard person and not sure about how i look in it... I feel like i need some kind of button! I was looking for that belt, too. I could only find L, L and L. Is that XS or S. Good for you!

  2. What an informative blog. Very nice. ~ Rhoda

  3. @SS Hey! The belt I got is the small.

  4. You got a great deal on the shrug. When it comes to buying trendy items, I have a hard time spending more than I feel that it's worth.

    Ah, seeing you wear leopard makes me jealous because I can't pull off animal prints of any sort!

  5. The shrug is really cute on you! You got a great deal on everything :D

  6. The shrug look stunning on you. I saw the shrug but didn't pick it up since I'm not into animal print. I love seeing it on the ladies in the petite community.

  7. Ohhh, I just love a *good* leopard print, and that one is perfect, and now it's totally tempting to go check it out for myself this weekend. Love it on you!

  8. What a steal! And I love the leopard print. :)


  9. It's so hard to find a good leopard print that doesn't feel overwhelming. I really like how this one isn't in the traditional colors and seem like it would be easier to style. Thanks for sharing with us!

    PS - I spy another giltter belt in your collection ;) Love it!

  10. Totally cute Michelle! I really like it!

  11. Thanks ladies!

    @Kimberly If you really like animal print you could start small with a belt! :)

    @Rinny Thank you! Banana is a dependable store for nice sales! :)

    @Cee Yes :p From J. Crew, too!

  12. Wow I can never imagine banana republic come up with that shrug...either way it looks cute cute cute..

  13. Great finds! I love getting good deals at BR. If you find that you spend alot at BR/Gap/ON it may be worth getting a BR card as then they offer free shipping from any store when you purchase $800 a year and get LUXE status (good if you have a husband or kids too as this can be hard to hit otherwise). This allows you to track items that you like and then order it from any store (online/instore will let you know what is in stock across the country) with no shipping. I was able to get some really nice summer dresses for next to nothing.

    I wish there was a similar blog to the JCrew Aficionado as then I would know what gets marked down when versus having to troll the stores.

  14. I love shrugs. You did good Michelle! The fit is perfect on you!

  15. Nice shrug!! I think I saw it in my local store but not on sale yet last time I was there..

    I'm still new to online shopping (we're slow here in Canada!!) but for Boxing Day, the online sale was better than the in-store sale at BR!! which I was not to happy about b/c I had to leave my house at 6:30 am to pick up my gfs to get to the mall!!

    I like your sparkly silver belt ;)

  16. @closetconundrum That is a great service! That is funny that you mention wishing for a BR blog like J.Crew Afioniado! I did a google search yesterday looking for a BR blog! :)

    @Really Petite Thanks!

    @Petite in the City You are a trooper...6:30 to fight crowds! I bet it is more fun with friends, though! :)


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