Saturday, December 17, 2011

J. Crew Vintage Thermal Henley in Stripe

j. crew vintage thermal henley in stripe
xxs, abstract blue
style #58405   sale price: $45.00 $35.00

The fit in the bust is not ideal. That fabric near the last button protrudes outward. Also, I prefer this style to be one or two inches longer. Overall, I feel too much like a little boy in this shirt. Such a shame because I love the color and the gold buttons!

I attempted to make it work with my Free People bralette.

Measurements before washing: 18" sleeve length, 22" length from back

I returned the henley today and found a striped tee, red scarf, and sparkly belt that I plan to wear for Christmas with my family this Sunday. Outfit post coming soon! :)

30% off your entire purchase in stores and online (code: snowman) until 12/19


  1. Ooo that's a good trade...henley for those festive 3 items! Can't wait to see your post about those, Michelle!

  2. Too bad fit does not good. You actually look good in that color. Looking forward to seeing three items!

  3. Hey! Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm following yours as well - it's always nice to meet a fellow petite blogger :)

    I love the henley on you. The color is very pretty, but I agree that an extra inch or two would have been perfect.

  4. aww too bad it didn't work out! i really like the color and stripes! i agree that the top should be a couple of inches longer.

  5. I love that henley Michelle, and the length would be so perfect for me! I'm looking forward to your Christmas outfit post ;)

  6. The color was pretty on you, too bad it didn't work out! Can't wait to see your sparkly belt and that awesome red scarf!

  7. I love those thermals too, but they also fit weird on me :( J.Crew has some great sales lately!

  8. I do love the color combination of the henley but it also looks a little short to me. I hate when my tummy is flashed when I raise my arm :( Can't wait to see your X-mas outfit post!

  9. I got some henley thermals to wear around the different colors:)

    Looking forward to seeing ur xmas outfit!


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