Friday, December 30, 2011

J. Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-dyed Twill

j. crew toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill, 24 in blue grotto
style #62443    my price: $108 $91.80

Colored denim is a trend many of us are seeking out. An electric blue color has been my preferred choice, so I was thrilled to see this new item in J. Crew today! Some of you may have noticed the price above and find this to be a rare occasion...I paid close to full price for an item! So why did I get them? Well, if I walked away from them, they would constantly be on my mind, and, as Kelly says, they put a stupid grin on my face.

CLOTHES: j. crew tee
JEWELRY: kate spade necklace / bracelets: banana republic and j. crew
ACCESSORIES: h&m belt / tory burch flats / prada purse

width - 14.25"; inseam - 27.75"; ankle radius - 9.5"
87% cotton; 10% rayon; 3% elastane
machine wash cold
EDIT: Recently, women over at J. Crew Aficionada have been commenting on the front zipper being off-center. When styled with a belt it is less noticeable.

There is a slight waist gap, but it does not seem to impact the fit. I will give you an update after these have been worn for a longer period of time and washed.

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  1. The color of the jean is a pretty color. I can see why you paid almost the full price for it. The jean look fanastic on you. There is nothing like a clothes that make us grin from ear to ear.

  2. SO cute. I love them. I keep wanting a pair of bright blue pants. Maybe I should check into these... Have a great New Years!

  3. You are stunning in that jeans! I never tried Jcrew pants, toothpick looks really good. Is it the skinny type one, right? I should check into them.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Pretty blue color Michelle! Love how you paired it with a neutral top and colorful statement necklace.

  5. How are those 00 when they're by waist size?

  6. Love this whole look, and I was curious about these pants so I'm thankful you wrote a review. I adooore that necklace, its sooo lovely.

  7. Those pants are a really pretty blue. I need to invest in a pair. Sometimes it's okay to pay full price if you're really coveting an item. :)

  8. those look great. love the color and the fit!! i didnt see them in my store today :( they did have some cafe capris in pretty blues that i hope to make mine soon!

  9. Those bright jeans look nice on you! I've yet to brave such bright pants, haha, but now I'm tempted to :)

  10. Beautiful color! Those jeans will serve you well through spring and summer. I love that despite the teeny waist gap (which may shrink in the wash), they don't even need a hem! Gotta love that. =)

  11. Thanks ladies! I actually ended up going out tonight and wore this outfit. I am still in love with these pants! :) No sagging over the course of the night.

    @SS Yes, these are not only labeled "toothpick", but "super-skinny stretch jean." :)

    @Anonymous Thanks for pointing that out! My mistake! I changed it from oo to 24! Again, thank you!

  12. Oh I love them! I've been wanting pants that color as well...also love the necklace you paired with them! Totally worth the price!

  13. i love these pants on you and they fit perfectly! i'll have to try pairing my cobalt pants with a yellow belt too! happy new year!

    cute & little

  14. michelle-- that pants look awesome on you. i love the fit and the color - everything! love how you styled it too.

  15. Those pants look really good on you! I haven't tried any of JCrew's pants since their items are a lot more than what I'm comfortable paying, but the fit is very nice on these.

  16. Wow, these 24 regulars fit amazing on you. I'm sure you will get so much wear out of them year-round living in Vegas. I wonder if they are meant to be ankle length jeans on "regular" height women above 5'4" ?

    Happy new year, Michelle!

  17. @TaraMixandMatch You would look stunning in these blue pants!!

    @kileen I had nothing else to match my black flats with gold glad Annie got me this mustard belt! :)

    @Ping Thanks, Ping! I can totally see these on you, too! :p

    @Rinny Thanks, Rinny! The price was definitely more than what I usually pay, but I did have a gift card and they were a style I have wanted for awhile now.

    @PetiteAsianGirl I wondered that, too...they seemed ankle length on 5'3" me! And who knows after a wash. I probably will not dry them.

  18. Hi! Do these jeans fit tight on the thighs? Thanks for the review! I love the color!


    Please check out my blog if you have the time! :)

  19. Hi Kim! I just put these on again to answer this question...I think they hug my body nicely without making me feel constricted. They are so much more comfortable than jeans! For reference, my mid-thigh measures about 16".

  20. Happy New Year!

    The blue color looks fabulous on you :)

  21. do these pants stretch out at all?

    1. So far, they have remained the same for me. I have only worn them out at night twice, but not washed them yet. Although there is a slight waist gap, they stay in place!

    2. Wondered if you could give further update since there has been more time....did they end up stretching a ton? I am thinking of getting a pair but if they stretch out a full size and/or give me "saggy rear" I will probably cry at that price. I have a few pair of jeans that stretch out so much I rarely wear them (and I hate wasting $!) thanks!

    3. Hey! The pants still fit well. I have washed them a few times, so I can say that with better judgement now! :) I can usually wear them three or four times (depending on how long I wore them and where) before washing them and never experience sagging in the hips or rear.

      I even bought another pair in the papaya color. (new post link: I will say, I have not tried on any other colored denim, though, so I do not have anything to compare them to other than regular jeans. I do find myself reaching for these on the weekends due to comfort and color. I will be really sad that I cannot wear these pants during the hot summer months in Vegas!


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