Tuesday, December 27, 2011

J. Crew Plaza Coat

j. crew plaza coat with thinsulate, size oo in black
style #60037   price: $325.00 $229.99

This was my first time trying on a J. Crew coat. Clearly, the fit of the size oo is too overwhelming on me. Elle did a recent review of this same coat in a size op in the gorgeous radio red color. Also, I want to apologize for these horrible fitting room pictures! The mirror was dirty and the lighting was bad. Lesson learned...ask for the large fitting room next time!

Measurements (courtesy of Elle's post)
chest circumference - 33.75"
waist - 32.75"
hip - 38.75"
across the shoulder - 14.5"
sleeve length from the center of the back - 31.25"
length from the center of the back - 34.5 "

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  1. awww too bad! there's such a difference between regular sizes and petite sizes! you should definitely try it in a 00p. we're about the same size and the 00p lady coat fit me great!

  2. I feel like I've never actually seen any of these coats in store to even try on! I guess the petite size in this is a must!

  3. I actually tried the exact same coat in store a few weeks ago and it looked horrible on me =) The lady day coat has a better cut for petite ladies. Happy New Year, Michelle!

    P.S: Do you actually wear coat in Las Vegas =)?

  4. @Ping The lady coat is so pretty! Love the cut!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Lol! I have pulled out my only heavy coat once this school year! Usually coats are helpful in the mornings. Happy New Year Sydney! :)

  5. Too bad that was bigger on you... I just bought that coat yesterday! For me, that coat looks a little better fit than you probabely because you are slimmer than me. Wish I had chance to try petite size though I am happy with regular size.

  6. Stinks that the coat was too big! Especially since JCrew makes such beautiful coats. I find sometimes it's really hard to get a good fitting coat in petite proportions unfortunately.

  7. Michelle, I definitely think the lady day (with nipped in waist) would flatter you more than this boxy one. Based on what you wear in other stuff, I think a 00 reg in that would be your size. Happy holidays to you!


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