Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ann Taylor Knit Zipper Leggings

ann taylor knit zipper leggings, oop
style #268041   my price: $98.00 $58.80

CLOTHES: french connection top / free people bralette, xs
JEWELRY: nordstrom necklace / swatch watch / bracelets from dillard's
ACCESSORIES: louis vuitton classique taiga leather belt, mens 85cm
ann taylor heels / chanel purse

I ordered these because I have nothing like them in my closet, but I am almost positive these will be returned this weekend. Thoughts?

What I like:
Great fit
The exposed zippers!!
Seam down the back of each leg

Reasons for returning:
I am having a difficult time styling these pants with what I already own
Like most black items, collects lint and cat hair (this is a big minus for me!)

Measurements before washing: 13.25" waist, 27.5" inseam, 8.5" ankle zipper
40% cotton / 29% nylon / 27% modal / 4% spandex - machine washable

Return or keep?

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  1. michelle-- i was wondering about these pants. they do look good on you. i wanted to get them too, but the inseam look perfect on you (which means it will be too long on me!). i like the way you styled it. i feel like these will be easier pants to wear with everything. i say keep!

  2. I bough the same pants, they arrived today but I haven't tried them on yet! Do you have any other black skinny pants? If not, I say keep...they look like they fit you well...we shall see how they do on me!

  3. They look fantastic on you! And I really like the way that you've styled them here. I'd say keep but that's just me.

  4. Michelle, these pants look great on you and it's a perfect fit. I say keep. I ordered the same thing and it should arrive tomorrow. It might just be too long on me since it looks like a perfect length on you.
    Oh just saw the price you paid. That might change my opinion on keep/return decision. I paid $33.97 when they were running the 50% off sale and with the extra $50 off code. If you are not completely happy with it and see lint being a big problem since you have cat, then I'd say return.

  5. Hum....if you have a lot of black pants...then I say return. Although it's a great fit on you but I don't like the color black for that reason. I don't have cats but anytime I wear a fuzzy shirt or sweater- it rubs off which is annoying :)

  6. These look really good on you, but I definitely understand the cat thing. My bf has two cats and I always get fur on my stuff. Nothing a lint roller can't fix though! : )

  7. I actually love these on you! They fit you very well, and I say that's the most important part of buying pants! I think they would work with a lot of things. How about a flowy tunic and boots? Or a cute top, cardi, and pumps? Blazer? Lots of options!

  8. I think these look so good on you and the seam details are a great bonus feature to make them different from other black skinnies! But if you don't love them, I say return.

  9. I'm surprised Ann Taylor carries this kind of rocker/edgy style! I thought how you styled it above really works! That stinks with the lint-collection though...that might hinder you from wearing it more often....I sadly vote return just for the lint thing which could become annoying.

  10. These look really good on you! I like the zipper side edgy! Play with them a little bit more, and if you still can't style them to your liking, then return them. No use in keeping something you're not good at styling. =)

  11. Thanks for all the input, ladies! I may hold on to them just a bit longer. Like Kelly said, I will try styling them a bit more and see how I feel. :)

    @Ping My inseam was nearly an inch longer than what the AT website lists, so maybe you will get a shorter fitting pair! :p

    @TaraMixandMatch Can't wait to see how you style them!!

    @Vicky $34? That might make me keep them! :p I am excited to see how they turn out on you!

    @Beautygirl24 It's funny you should mention the tunic and boots...that is kind of what I did with my first go at these. I had a longer top with the AT booties I just bought. Will be sharing that picture in the review of the booties. :)

  12. These look soooo nice on you!!!!! I am also a fan of the seams...but ultimately if you don't think you'll wear them then they are a definite return.

    p.s. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday!? :D

  13. Sounds like a bunch of us ordered these lol

  14. Beautiful outfit! You are so GORG!

    I invite you to visit my blog and check out my giveaway ;)

  15. Michelle, while I was writing up my post, and referring to yours, I noticed that I bought the denim zip up legging, not the knit one, so it's actually different.
    I like how mine turns out and decided to keep it. They look awfully alike. :)


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