Friday, November 11, 2011

J. Crew Teacher Discount

loft dress, xxsp / forever 21 leggings / tory burch flats
necklaces: j. crew & loft / bracelets: j. crew and banana republic
grandmother's ring / prada purse

I am co-hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law tomorrow (her first baby...a boy!), so I had lots of errands to run today. I chose to visit only one "me" store...J.Crew. No amazing deals, but I purchased items from my mental wish list...plain t-shirts (in xxs), chain necklace, and bracelets. I will save the tees for another post! :)

For the teachers out there, J. Crew offers an ongoing discount of 15% off your entire purchase, valid on sale and non-sale. However, it cannot be combined with other promotions. Bummer! (UPDATE: A sales associate did combine a 30% off sale promotion plus my 15% teacher discount at the end of December 2011. I guess it is like all depends who you get!) I also learned another lesson...if the sales associate does not give you a promotional discount (for example, the 25% off knits deal today that I did not receive!), you can be reimbursed by calling the store you were at and providing information from your receipt. I would have never driven back to get my $9, so I am glad that they could process it over the phone!

This is the outfit I have planned for the shower. Since I do not have a belt that goes with this outfit (black with gold hardware), I added some bulk to my new J. Crew find with a LOFT chain necklace.

resin and chain link necklace
style# 65969 current store price: $32.50 $19.99

I remember also seeing this necklace in navy and magenta. It was difficult getting a still picture of this without the cats trying to take it away!

sante fe string bracelet
style# 68927 current store price: $18.50 $9.99

These bracelets are adjustable. There were quite a variety of colors available. For some reason the cats did not show as much interest in these!? They look more like cat toys than the necklace!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! :)


  1. Beautiful fit and color -- good find Michelle! Nice co-models he he

  2. This will be a great outfit for the shower - love the look from head to toe! Had no idea J. Crew could do adjustments on the phone - so many places won't!

  3. Very your bracelets! This is such an adorable outfit for the shower...the sweater dress is so cute! I thought the 15% was combinalbe with promotions but not sale lol...I can't keep all these stores' rules straight!

  4. @Canadianpetite Thanks! They also "help" when I am trying to standing in my way right now!

    @SewPetiteGal Thanks! Yes, I was so relieved!

    @TaraMixandMatch You could be right. I assume it can be done, but will they do it? :p LOFT for example, the sa in Downtown Seattle says that their stores "always" give teacher discounts with any promotion, whereas the sa at the Vegas LOFT said it was not allowed. But from time to time I will get one that says, "Well we're not supposed to, but I will." Doesn't hurt to ask! :)

  5. looking good, michelle. love the prada and tory burch! i think i bought the same tee from jcrew this week....$14.99?? except they charged me the wrong price and i have to go back and get a refund. wah!

  6. Congrats to your sister!! The sweater dress looks so good on you. Loving the layered necklaces!

  7. I've been looking for a decent sweater dress for a while now and am too lazy to drag myself to the mall. Maybe I'll do some more online browsing until I can find one as perfect as yours! LOL about the cat and the bracelets. My cat loves to steal my scrunchies all the time!

  8. @Ping Thanks! Both were very nice gifts from my in-laws! $14.99? Nope...mine was not on sale.

    @The Little Dust Princess Thanks! We are all very excited! I loved shopping for his baby clothes!

    @Jenn Check out LOFT's site. They have a couple options. Lol! Yeah, I have to hide my hair ties! I found a few ones chewed up under the bed one time. That can't be good! :/

  9. I always love combining discounts but since I am not a teacher the 15% off would not apply to me! That is awesome you can call jcrew and get the difference if you aren't told about the deal!

  10. I just found your blog and am so glad I did. I love your style. I'm excited to be a new follower so I can see all your new posts! Thanks for sharing your style :)

  11. I remember this dress! It looks great on you, so very cozy. It's a shame the teacher's discount can't be combined with sales (the LOFT one can, right?)...because when compared to their recent 20% off + sales, it seems very stingy! Our teachers deserve better!

  12. Michelle your baby is so adorable! I'm so jealous of the teacher's discounts too! By the way your link information for the Allizon Izu review rocked, thank you so so much!!

  13. What a cute outfit----i have been following your blog, but have never commented. Love the whole ensemble!!

  14. @Bravoe Runway I have had such great experience with J. Crew customer service! Another time I placed an order but really wanted to add another item to the order. Within minutes of calling customer service they placed a new order and waved the shipping charges!

    @Sarah Stright Hi Sarah! Thanks for following! :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl Sometimes LOFT will combine them. It just depends on the sa that I get that day!

    @Callandra Thanks! :) No problem! I just got my jeans today! Excited to style them and write the review! :)

    @LRA Hi LRA! Thanks for the comment! :)


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