Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Allison Izu Revew: HOTEL ST.: Kolohe TS

allison izu hotel st.: kolohe ts jeans, oo, 27" inseam
price: $167.00 $69.00

"Proudly manufactured in the USA, my company, Allison Izu, came out of my own frustration
with the fashion industry and my obsession with fit and detail”. - Allison Izu

Allison Izu is no stranger to the petite community. Several ladies shared their reviews in the fall of 2010, and there are more springing up this season. For those unfamiliar with the brand, here are a few highlights:

  • Caters to women 5'6" and under with two hem length options: 27" or 31"
  • Sizes range from ooo to size 10
  • The high-quality denim originates from America, Japan, and Italy, is designed in Hawaii (by Allison Izu), and is manufactured in California.
  • Free return shipping on your first purchase. However, there is a re-stocking fee of $5 for any items you return. Be sure to read the return policy carefully.

Measurements, Fit, and Details

image courtesy of allisonizu.com

My measurements: waist - 24.5"   low waist - 27"   hip - 31"   thigh - 18.5"   

The size oo fits 13.5" across, which is snug on me (Allison Izu suggests this because it will stretch over time) with zero waist gap. There is a slight stretch to the material. The belt you see in this image is worn loose. After wearing these for several hours, there was no sagging. I even wore them to a three-course dinner...with a loose-fitting top, of course! I was nervous about the zipper coming undone, but it behaved.

The front seam is my favorite detail! The 27" hem length works best on my 5'3" frame when tucked in boots or cuffed with flats. If you are my height and plan on wearing these with heels, I suggest ordering the 31" hem length.

The inside waistband is lined with a fun Hawaiian print.

I love the added spunk on this tag!

Styled Three Ways

ann taylor blouse, op / frye boots
loft necklace with grandma's brooch
ann taylor bracelet c/o annie / coach purse

french connection top and free people bralette, xs / ann taylor heels
armani exchange necklace / nordstrom bracelet / chanel purse

j. crew tee, xxs / toms classic canvas slip-ons, 6.5 / necklaces from grandma's jewelry box / gap belt / ann taylor bracelet c/o annie / l.a.m.b. purse

When I wore these jeans out (the last outfit) it put a smile on my face because they reminded me of the online petite community. :) I encourage you to browse through the various styles on allisonizu.com. If you are unsure about the sizing, send your measurements and the style(s) you are interested in to shop@allisonizu.com for assistance. For more styles, check out reviews from other petites:

2011 reviews by Cher, Elle and Vicky

2010 reviews by April, Annie, Jean, Jess (see her skirt review), Liane, Sydney

Disclosure: The jeans featured were provided by allisonizu.com Thank you for the opportunity! :)


  1. Oh what a great review, Michelle. I love the wear it 3 ways feature. I especially like the tucked into boots and rolled up with flats look. lol on the 3-hour dinner. :)

  2. There you go again, looking insanely gorgeous in all three outfits! The jeans look great on you...and the zipper detail and back pocket stitching are such fun, unique details :)

  3. I love the cuffed look and also the brooch on necklace (what a great idea)!

  4. My fave is with the blue blouse! I love the fit on you but that darn zipper in the front I never liked. When I did the review last year- I thought- how perfect would it be if they did w/out the zipper....

    Nonetheless- you look great Michelle :)

  5. Those jeans look sooo good on you!! I love all the looks you gave us! Ummm I'm in love with that AT top, so sad it's sold out (not that I can get my hands on it easily anyway).

  6. Hi Michelle - thank you so much for your review, this style looks great on you and i LOVE them rolled up, it looks so young & fresh!

  7. @Vicky Lol! Vicky! It was three courses, not three hours!! Hehe! Thanks!

    @TaraMixandMatch Aw! You make me blush! Thanks, Tara! :p

    @SewPetiteGal Thanks! I have been wanting to wear the brooch so bad, but dread poking holes in my clothes!

    @Really Petite Thanks, Annie!! :)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) Thanks, Elle!! :) I hope you find a blue blouse to fulfill your craving! :)

    @Allison Izu Hey Allison! Thanks! And again, thanks for the opportunity to review the jeans! :)

  8. The jeans look awesome on you!! I love that they are made for smaller women too!!

  9. Oh Michelle!! How I adore your kitties, they are truly the cutest ever ;) I've been mia recently so I totally missed this post but I'm so glad I saw it! Just got my Allison Izu jeans in the mail today. I had asked for a size 0 but they sent a 00 so of course I couldn't even button them! Lol This style looks amazing on you, totally perfect!!

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