Saturday, October 29, 2011

LOFT Wool Pencil Skirt w/Ribbon Waistband & Short Sleeve Lace Trim Pullover

Wool Pencil Skirt With Ribbon Waistband, oop
style #265914   full price: $69.50

Short Sleeve Lace Trim Pullover, xxsp
style #265290   current sale price: $39.99

You may remember this skirt from last season. I had purchased it, but then returned it because I thought it was too curve-hugging for my workplace. This version does not seem as snug...unless I got smaller! It is currently unavailable online.

The top is a definite no for teaching. I cannot wear sheer items even with camisoles underneath.

The ribbon waistband hits just above my navel. The skirt is fully lined and is a great length for work. Overall, I thought the fit was nice. The drawback? It is not machine washable. I am trying to stay away from "dry clean only" products.

Did anyone find anything at LOFT this weekend?

I did end up leaving with one thing...dark pink corduroy pants! The sales associate was even nice enough to give me my 15% teacher discount in addition to the 40% deal! Like the skirt, this item is currently not available online. I do plan on creating a post for these this week, but here is a preview of the fit...

modern straight corduroy pants, oop
style #265932   my price: $59.50 $30.34

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  1. You might be able to wear a cami underneath the blouse with a cardi or blazer over it for work, no? I bought those same pink cords but will be returning, but only because I found a pair of pink pants from Old Navy for $4.74....and even though they a completely different style I don't need 2 pairs of pink pants lol

  2. Ohhh I really love the skirt! I didn't know loft carried oop in store!

  3. I totally love those cords on you Michelle....can't wait to see you style them! The skirt looks like a good fit but the ribbon at the waist looks way too loose for you.

  4. @TaraMixandMatch That would be a great option, but my classroom is usually too warm for blazers. I have yet to wear a cardigan for work! I am excited to see you style your new pink ones!

    @Leena From what I have heard they only stock one oop/xxsp in their stores. Same goes for Ann Taylor, but actually some AT stores in Vegas do not stock oop/xxsp at all!

    @Callandra Thanks! It will be a challenge for me...never had pink pants! Lol! I will just treat them like a pink skirt!

  5. Love your blog. I am 5'1" and do not blog but I have learned so much by following you and other petite fashionistas, especially the petite fashion challenges. I have a suggestion: Outerwear can be particularly challenging for petites. Why not a PFC called OUTERWEAR CHIC.. This would be helpful with the cold winter months approaching...The look could be dressy or casual and must include an outerwear garment appropriate for being outdoors in inclement weather.

  6. michelle -- what a blouse girly blouse! i really like it. too bad you can't wear it in the class room! the pants fit you so nice. i swear every pair of pants fit you well. wished i had a longer inseam like you!

  7. @Janice I am glad the blogs are helping you! :) That is a great idea for a PFC! I see that Kelly posted your suggestion on the AN Forum!

    @Ping I do have difficulty with oop when it comes to work pants that are boot cut or flared a bit...always too short for heels! Anything with a skinny leg/ankle works well for me, though!

  8. Ooh pink cords! They pass the back test from me -- can't wait to see your review :)

    Sadly my LOFT was picked over pretty well so nothing from me.

  9. I went to loft during the week and snagged black thin bootcut work pants...for 25 dollars! They are so comfy for the classroom!

  10. I love how these corduroy pants fit on you (at least from the back).
    Michelle, Disqus is having a hard day today. I have lost some comments. The comment you just posted showed up in my inbox, but not on the blogger. And yes, getting a $100+ item for less than $20 does give me an ear to ear grin. :D

  11. That little kitty is so adorable with you! And those pants fit you amazingly well - I have such trouble finding well fitting cords, the Gap legging ones didn't do it for me either :) Lovely outfits throughout this post!


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