Monday, October 31, 2011

LOFT Modern Slim Leg Corduroy Pants

modern slim leg corduroy pants, oop
style #265932   my price: $59.50 $30.34

h.i.p. (Nordstrom) top / J. Crew belt / Ann Taylor heels / Louis Vuitton saleya damier azur purse and charm / Grandmother's necklaces and ring / Banana Republic bracelet

Approximate measurements: 13.75" waist, 29" inseam

So here is my first at-home attempt. I do not think the ankles look right with these heels. Bummer!

I used a few items from my grandmother's jewelry box.

My grandmother's ring is very dangerous! Maybe this was her version of brass knuckles! :p

Styled For Work

LOFT top / Anthropologie bracelets / Bronx oxfords

For school I tried the pants cuffed with flats. I decided not to sport the ring...we have a no tolerance policy on weapons. :p So, how did they hold up at work? Great! These were so comfortable! They did not sag or make too much of that notorious corduroy swooshing noise. I definitely recommend these for casual pants!!

Fitting Room Pics

Any other styling tips for these cords?

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  1. thanks for the review, michelle! the pants fit you like a glove. love both outfits. quite a ring your grandmother has! =P

  2. Very cute pants, I bought the gray color they had last year. Your babies are adorable, mine do the same thing when I try to take pictures :)

  3. I love these pants, I bought them in two colors - the olive and the teal...I wanted the red but they were sold out.

  4. @kimchi girl Thanks! I miss your posts!! :)
    @Callandra Lol! They love the chance to be outside! Supervised, of course! :)

    @Jarucha Those colors sound so pretty! Red would have been awesome!!

  5. Love it cuffed, Michelle! These are keepers. I love the color and the casual fit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love how you styled those pants .. the pink from your shirts really stand out!

  7. i really love these pants and they fit you perfectly! i think i preferred the ankles cuffed when worn with boots. and what beautiful accessories!

    cute & little

  8. The fit is so perfect! I love those "YES" moments in the fitting room...especially with pants!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    enter my Gorjana bracelet giveaway today!

  9. need to post more outfits! You style things so the first outfit with the animal print top and the extra pop of color with the belt. I also really love the way you styled it for how you cuffed, so cute!

  10. Wow- those fit so nicely!!! And your grandmother's ring is so unique!

  11. michelle-- i love both outfits. you styled them perfectly. those pants look awesome on you! i love all the accessories too.

  12. I really like how the pants looked cuffed in the second look. Perhaps try reverse cuffing (inwards) for the first look? I do that with my black skinnies and nobody has said anything to me yet, so I'm assuming no one can tell, hehe.

  13. Thanks ladies!! :)

    @TaraMixandMatchThanks!! :) I will try to post more outfits in the future!

    @Cee Oh! Good idea! Thanks! :)

  14. I like the second top with those cords and the pop of color from the belt. Gotta try that myself. Thanks for subbing to my blog -- you're a sweetie!

  15. Love these corduroys, they are such a nice alternative when I don't want to wear jeans or pants and still look polished. The pink printed top is gorgeous!

  16. Oh I love the cuffed look with flats!! And your grandma's ring is gorgeous - LOL about not wearing it to school because of the weapons policy :D

  17. They fit you so well Michelle! Ooooh that ring is gorgeous!

  18. Nice view behind you. If you'd like check my blogs


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