Sunday, October 16, 2011

GAP Super Lightweight Back-Zip Legging Jeans

super lightweight back-zip legging jeans, oop light grey
style #847769   my price: $69.95 $17.49
Banana Republic tank / Free People bralette, xs
Necklaces: Judith Jack here and here, Christian Dior / Judith Jack bangle
Paolo heels, 7.5 / Chanel purse (2008)

Measurements 13" waist / 27" inseam

I also purchased these in the barbados color. I wish the ankles were just a little tighter. Not a deal killer for $17, though!

Super comfy! These pants have no pockets in the front nor back. There are loopholes for a belt. Some wrinkles form. For a dinner out, I do suggest balancing the pants out with a loose-fitting top.

I love layering necklaces lately! I am also loving my Free People bralette. It works best with a patterned top. It just looks lumpy under tight, single color tops.

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  1. michelle-- those pants look amazing on you! so sexy paired with those heels. i just looked and they look terrible on the model. you should send your pics to gap and tell them to use ur photos instead. lol

  2. @Ping Thanks! :p Lol! Yeah, the model pics were not the best! I would not be inclined to purchase them just seeing those pics. Plus, the original price is crazy!

  3. oh these pants fit you perfectly and i love the pairing you did with the looser top. and the bralette is totally cute yet edgy at the same time. love it!

    cute & little

  4. oooo cute legging jeans...I recently fell in love with Gap legging jeans and bought two pairs! I love these back-zip ones you are modeling, I tried them on but they were not flattering on me.

  5. you're looking fab in those pants. i've also been trying on gap legging jeans/pants; they're so comfy. :)

  6. i actually like how loose they are around the ankles, they look perfect!

  7. I am loving these pants. They look really comfortable and stylish. I feel like a lot can be done with them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Those pants are hot girly :) I also love your layering of look great!

  9. What a great deal for stylish pants that fit well! Good find! Also loving the necklace layering :)

  10. Great outfit! And I'm loving those shoes, so rocker chic!!

  11. Wow these fit you like a glove!!! And it passes my test of "good butt"...LOL

  12. great deal on the pants! i've seen them in store but haven't tried them on. perhaps i shall

  13. Wait these are Gap pants? i an having a hard time finding very short jeans :(


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