Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Item Updates

Hi ladies! I thought it would be helpful to give you an update on some of the newer items that I have tried.

On a personal note, I am busier than usual since I am teaching U.S. History and an elective this year. One week before school started, I was told that I would be teaching the elective course. Normally, that sort of information is communicated at the end of the school year. I was surprised, and went into panic mode to start planning! Despite the extra work, I have been enjoying the elective class. We focus on personal growth and college prep. I think it is such a great idea to expose kids to those topics in 7th grade. I wish I knew all the stuff we are learning when I was twelve!

AT top, oop / Hollister skirt
J. Crew belt / LOFT sandals / Gucci purse

Look what happened after just one wash (I used the handwash cycle on cold)! A vertical snag all the way down the bottom panel. I am so sad! I mentioned in a previous post that I found a snag on this shirt when I first bought it, but exchanged it for another oop. Such a bummer that I still ended up with a blemish!

LOFT skirt / Banana Republic belt, xs ($7.19!) / Nine West sierra heels, 7m
LOFT necklace / Banana Republic bracelet with Anthropologie bracelets

You may remember I reviewed the LOFT bubble hem top and put together this outfit idea. I officially tried it out yesterday for work, but with different accessories. Unfortunately for the kids and me, we had no working AC! While teaching in a mid-80° classroom, I learned that the arm holes on this top are very close to the armpit! I was sporting some noticeable sweat marks at one point! Eww! Under normal circumstances, I doubt there would be a problem! And these shoes...OUCH!! My left foot has suffered two blisters. One below the ankle and one on top where the tie hits. I chose to wear them with toe socks, so my toes did not suffer too badly. I will give them another chance with tights. I am so nervous, though! :/

Any new items that did not work out so well for you?

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  1. Ooo, nothing is worse than wearing a pair of cute shoes only to find out that they hurt and you don't feel as cute as you look. :( If nothing else, when you do wear it again next time with tights, prep your feet with mole skin or simply band aid. Just don't forget the spots that hurt. Too bad about your top. This is a serious quality issue on Ann Taylor's part. I'd complain.
    Hope you get better organized and less hectic at work over time once you get settled in with the new subject.

  2. I love the second outfit! The purple-ish top with the giraffe print skirt is so cute! Too bad about the blisters - hopefully over time the shoes won't be a problem.

  3. omg I thought that snag was a pocket!! I love the leopard sandals. So cutee

  4. love your outfits!!

  5. I hate those snags!! My cat grabs me sometimes and does it to me all the time. If I didn't love him so much I'd be furious. Believe it or not, in my school we sometimes find out the day before that our program has been changed. But let me tell you the panic is ridiculous when it sets in. Good luck girlie! I love the last outfit BTW. But I always did like that skirt.

  6. aww sorry about the snag! i love that top too! i was just going to say how cute those shoes are, too bad they gave you blisters! how annoying. the last outfit is super cute, you are definitely one stylish teacher.

  7. That sucks about that first top...very annoying! I always tend to get blisters from my heels the first few weeks of school...I think it's just from not wearing them everyday for 2 months!

  8. OH man I can't believe there was a snag already!!! Ugh that's why I think I'm not a fan of buying shoes. I buy them and know that I have to break them in so they just sit there for a while!

  9. how unfortunate the AT top snagged! it was such a signature piece, too! =/

    i hope wearing tights w/ your shoes will help...b/c they're quite cute!

  10. oh man that sux sooo sooo bad. I'm sry to hear that michelle. I hate getting snags.

  11. love that second top =)

  12. So sad about that top......I had a similar experience with a top I bought from Loft in a very delicate material :(

  13. michelle -- ahh ive been avoiding FP for quite sometime and am afraid to go. i remember one time i didn't go for a few months, i ended up buying everything in sight! not good for the wallet! i hope you find some great stuff and can't wait to see your review!


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