Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Item Updates

Hi ladies! I thought it would be helpful to give you an update on some of the newer items that I have tried.

On a personal note, I am busier than usual since I am teaching U.S. History and an elective this year. One week before school started, I was told that I would be teaching the elective course. Normally, that sort of information is communicated at the end of the school year. I was surprised, and went into panic mode to start planning! Despite the extra work, I have been enjoying the elective class. We focus on personal growth and college prep. I think it is such a great idea to expose kids to those topics in 7th grade. I wish I knew all the stuff we are learning when I was twelve!

AT top, oop / Hollister skirt
J. Crew belt / LOFT sandals / Gucci purse

Look what happened after just one wash (I used the handwash cycle on cold)! A vertical snag all the way down the bottom panel. I am so sad! I mentioned in a previous post that I found a snag on this shirt when I first bought it, but exchanged it for another oop. Such a bummer that I still ended up with a blemish!

LOFT skirt / Banana Republic belt, xs ($7.19!) / Nine West sierra heels, 7m
LOFT necklace / Banana Republic bracelet with Anthropologie bracelets

You may remember I reviewed the LOFT bubble hem top and put together this outfit idea. I officially tried it out yesterday for work, but with different accessories. Unfortunately for the kids and me, we had no working AC! While teaching in a mid-80° classroom, I learned that the arm holes on this top are very close to the armpit! I was sporting some noticeable sweat marks at one point! Eww! Under normal circumstances, I doubt there would be a problem! And these shoes...OUCH!! My left foot has suffered two blisters. One below the ankle and one on top where the tie hits. I chose to wear them with toe socks, so my toes did not suffer too badly. I will give them another chance with tights. I am so nervous, though! :/

Any new items that did not work out so well for you?

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