Monday, August 22, 2011

Take an Additional 30% Off J. Crew Final Sale Items

piped leather belt, small
Style #47069    my price: $48 $13.99

I have been stalking this item since seeing it on Cee. Today J. Crew Aficionada posted that final sale items would receive an extra 30% off with code MUSTSHOP. I immediately searched for the belt and found it in a small. Lately, many of J. Crew's belts are meant to be worn high-waisted (check under the item's "more" section), so do not be turned off when you see just a small. I have a few of their belts in smalls that I can wear on my waist or higher up. Love the versatility!

I highly recommend this belt for the sale price of $9.09! I ordered this back in April in a size small. It measures 36.5 inches. When I wear it lower on my waist, I can only use the first notch!

This was the other item I ordered today. I thought it would be cute for $9!

I should have also ordered this. Grr! So sad I did not! Someone pick this up so you can love it! As I was typing this up and staring at the pretty picture, I called up J. Crew customer service to see if I could add this to the order I just placed. They could not, but the operator offered to place a new order for the necklace and wave the shipping charges! Nice to know they do that!

This chambray jacket is very cute! See this on Amber. Also, scroll through her site to find current J. Crew reviews.

Use code MUSTSHOP for an additional 30% off sale items!


  1. With those prices, I can actually afford to shop at JCrew! The tassel necklace is absolutely adorable!


  2. I have the tassel necklace too from the last sale and it's actually really cute! For some reason I got up at 430 instead of 445 this morning and saw the sale. I actually didn't buy anything, it was crazy! Although I do still have a jcrew order on the way! Nice grab on the belt!

  3. @Style Journey They really do have amazing sale prices! I try to only buy accessories, since final sale items cannot be returned. Definitely look out for the times when they offer free shipping at any price! Happens every now and then!

    @easy petite looks I am shocked that you did not order anything! :p Looking forward to your next haul!

  4. Is that belt you got sparkly?? It looks really fun!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you found the glitter belt. Mine is a sz S too, so I think that should work for you as well. Crossing my fingers for ya!

  6. Oh I so love that glitter belt (can't wait to see it on you!)- it is so gorgeous and I too admired it when I saw it on Cee. I'm trying to hold off on this sale by sitting on my hands :)

  7. I stopped by J.Crew today after seeing your post. I didn't ended up getting anything though. That glitter belt is so fun. It's such a great deal, too =)

  8. @Cee Ok! I figured it was! I am so excited!! I will be scrolling through your posts for some styling tips! :p

    @SewPetiteGal Lol!! I have definitely become more of a shopper since reading blogs. But I like to think of myself as a smart shopper! :p

    @PetiteLittleGirl Bummer! I think most of the stores have purged their sale items, so that is why were are seeing all the final sale items re-stocked online.

  9. I have that glitter belt & love it. Cute picks :)

  10. Love the belts you picked out! The white one is already sold out so that's a bummer... :[


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