Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LOFT Tie Neck Bubble Hem Review

tie neck bubble hem
xxsp, style#: #262661
my price: $44.50 $26.70

I am always on a mission for teaching clothes. At the end of the school year, I noticed that I was lacking lightweight tops. This one now has a home in my closet. Unfortunately, it is sold out online, however, check in stores.

It has an elastic hem at the bottom. The buttons go all the way up.

Good arm holes. I love the subtle ruffle.

To be on the safe side, I will wear a racer-back bra with this.

Littlest Girl decided to lay on the top while I took measurements!

3" shoulder (includes ruffle, but not collar)
14.25" top of bow to bottom (front)
22.75" top to bottom (back)
16.5" width at midpoint (between arm holes and bottom hem)
15" width at bottom hem
100% cotton
*Before wash/dry

Potential Teaching Outfit

LOFT skirt / Banana Republic belt, xs ($7.19!) / Nine West sierra heels, 7m
LOFT necklace / Banana Republic bracelet with Anthropologie bracelets

They were chirping (yes, chirping) at the birds!

Trying out the stacked bracelets look. I love how Tara does it!
Not sure if I like this belt with these shoes. Thoughts?

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  1. This is a great outfit! Love the skirt, top and your shoes are to die for!

    I was laughing at the kitties. We have a kitty photo bomber in our photos regularly (our neighbor's cat comes over to visit) :)


  2. So, so cute! I too adore the ruffle detailing on the top! Oh, and rock that armful of bracelets...thanks for the shout out! This will be a super cute teaching outfit!

  3. not a big fan of LOFT'S bubble hem on some of their shirts. creates a faux pooch. boxy shape.

  4. Love that top! It's similar to the one AT had a while back (that I got 2 of!) hopefully I can find this one! Thanks for the review :)

  5. My cat also chirps at birds. Glad to know he isn't the only one.
    Funny, we had this massive heat wave the second to last week of school in June and I came to the realization that I also lacked work appropriate lightweight tops and sleeveless dresses, so I have been on a mission with my back to school shopping to avoid things like wool sweaters and wool skirts and find some warm weather work clothes. I tend to avoid dressy summery clothes because I don't work in the hottest months of the year and generally just lounge around in shorts and a T shirt or athletic wear in July and August. Can you handle teaching with the bracelets? I only have two bracelets and I never wear them because if I am writing on the white board, they get in the way and if I am writing on the overhead, they get in the way and if I am not writing on the overhead or the whiteboard I am using the Smartboard, and they get in the way. They also get in the way if I am sitting at my desk grading papers. Any advice on that one? I have to shove them half way up my arm for them not to bother me.

  6. Lol your babies crack me up!! Mine have to be in the middle of the action too ;) That top looks like a perfect fit for you, very nice! I don't really care for the belt with the outfit but I think that's more just personal preference. I have that skirt too by the way....(haven't worn it a whole lot, but I really like the look you did with it :)

  7. Light-weight tops are a must, especially if the AC breaks in the classroom. I love the outfit you put together with that amazing skirt! I saw that skirt online and wasn't sold on how to pair it, but your outfit really helps me see the versatility of the skirt. Love the shoes, BTW. How are they? Would you recommend them to another teacher?

    Complex Cardigans

  8. I love the top and skirt- everything! So cute!!!

  9. i love the outfit you created with the blouse and skirt (love the color & pattern). i definitely like the blouse tucked in better!

  10. wow, you make the bubble hem look soooo good! and yes, these lightweight tops are a MUST for the warm weather. i love how you styled it with the pencil skirt!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace giveaway!

  11. I really like this. The top is perfect for the hotter summer days. I just love the belt with the skirt. Very nice.


  12. I am so glad you bought it, it looks TERRIFIC on you.

    And do you think the shoes you mentioned in a previous posting may still be available. After I read it I meant to call the store but keep getting sidetracked...sigh, probably not meant to be. What size shoes do you normally wear? Are they true to size? Thanks M!

  13. I love this top on you, the color, the fit, and the small armholes! I do think the top tucked into a higher-waisted pencil skirt would look amazing (but hides the bubble hem).

  14. I am such a huge fan of tie-neck blouses and this one looks absolutely lovely on you with the skirt! A gorgeous outfit for a school day - you've got to be the best dressed teacher at your school!

  15. Haha! <3 how your kitty cats decided to join you on your photo shoot. Do cute.

    The blouse looks fantastic. I <3 how it can go 2 ways --as a grey or a very muted lavender.

  16. @Style Journey Aw! Cute!

    @TaraMixandMatch Lol!

    @AubreyOhDang! Yes, it definitely can create poof! I like Cee's idea of pairing it with a high-waisted bottom!

    @littlenashua Hi Nashua! I am right-handed and wear my bracelets on my left hand, so it does not bother me. I do get bothered by the chunky ones if I am grading papers, so I just take them one is around to see me bracelet-less! :p

    @Callandra Glad you said something! I thought I could pull off the belt with the shoes because the stitching it light, but did not like it as much in pictures.

    @M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans I would love to see you post it with different accessories! :p

    @Jenn I have not gotten a chance to wear them in the classroom yet. I am nervous that I will not be able to wear them with little nude socks because of the toe cleavage. I will have a better idea in September!
    Thanks ladies for the comments...gotta run out, so I will be back to respond to the rest later!

  17. I have a similar AN shirt that was posted all over early this year. I would love to have that skirt. I think the belt looks to heavy for the wispy look of this outfit. You probably would fare better with a plain matte or patent grey skinny belt. Those shoes are adorable -- as well as your cats!

  18. your cat is too cute! and your top is lovely.

  19. @Thanks again, ladies!! :) I was not as on top of things because I was in Seattle! A few fitting room and city pics to share with you soon! :)

    Elle Check your email! :p

    @Cee I agree! I want to find more high-waisted skirts!

    @SewPetiteGal Lol! kids do appreciate that I try to look my best! :)

    @Canadianpetite Oh! Very good point about the heaviness of the belt!!


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