Tuesday, August 2, 2011

J. Crew Bahia Hobo Review

J. Crew bahia hobo, honey brown, style# 38126
my price $78.00 $12.96

J. Crew's customer service is great! I thought I ordered this purse during J. Crew's 40% off and free shipping deal. Hours later, I check my email and find no confirmation. Worried, I call to investigate. Turns out my order did not go through and my purse was already sold out online. The service rep took the time to find my purse in a J. Crew store (Natick, MA). Even better, when I received my order it was sold to me for an even lower price. The internet price of the purse was (and still is) $29.99, but the store price was $19.99. So they charged me the store price plus honored the promotion! Score! :)

This bag has me smiling. How could I not? Such a fun and quality piece for only $12! The straw is so soft. The strap is 100% leather and detachable. Important to note, it has no lining nor interior pockets. This is fine by me...I only need to carry about three main items: makeup bag, wallet, and phone.

If you are interested in the purse but it is no longer available online, try calling a local store or check online in the early morning. I have noticed that it pops back up online every couple days. Do not forget to check out See Chloe Shop for any available promotional codes before making your purchase.

Ann Taylor tee (item# 261101) xxsp / Old Navy shorts o
LOFT velma banded sandal 7
Free People belt / Judith Jack necklace

My mother-in-law taught me this trick for a long skinny braided belt...
it is just a simple knot!

This is Elliott (in-laws' dog) caught with a really mean face! Lol!

Laying flat with goodies inside. The ribbons are so pretty!

The inside is just like the outside. Remove that tag! I set off the grocery store alarm!

7" handle
10 3/4"H x 18"W x 4"D
100% straw / 100% leather

Any recent J. Crew finds?

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  1. Some careless cashier forgot to remove the plastic thing off one of my clothing items and I was setting off alarms at every store! I had NO idea it was me at the time until the Zara security guard asked for my shopping bag. He found the tag on it and the Zara SA helped me remove it.

  2. @The Little Dust Princess Lol! I am so glad a lot of companies are switching over to these sewn-in tags! Those big ol' plastic tags were a pain. And it is not fun to have to drive all the way back if the clerk forgot to remove it! :/

  3. Wow, what awesome customer service! That bag is so cute!

  4. So many sales at Jcrew I just don't trust their sizes online...and I would hate to buy something on final sale if it doesn't fit!

  5. Great customer service! Can't believe you got that gorgeous bag for $12.00 :)

  6. This is such a great fun and casual bag. I don't remember seeing it on J.Crew's site but I'm sure your pictures are much better than stock photos. Seeing everyone with their J.Crew sale hauls has me regretting not making any purchases.

  7. Never thought of doing that with my belt but I love the idea! I'll have to try it soon.



  8. I love your outfit and your hobo! :)

  9. ooh I love finding cute purse and getting great deals! so cute

    love from San Francisco,

  10. You always find the best deals! This is the perfect summer bag, and I love all of the interesting colors running through it :)

  11. EEK! so cute and i can't believe you scored that at j.crew for such a fantabulous price!! it's so perfect for summer!!

  12. Cute bag and you got it at a great price! Ugh, I hate those security things, too lol

  13. What a spectacular deal! I haven't even looked at J. Crew bags (uh oh) :) Love the outfit, especially that necklace!

  14. THANKS for posting this very helpful review!

    It's silly, but I've actually been STALKING this bag for over a month, wondering whether or not to get it. I just couldn't tell much from the pictures on the J. Crew website. Your review is everything I could have wanted and more. Now to set about trying to find this bag on ebay or something. ;-)


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