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Hana Professional 1.5" Flat Iron Review

HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5"
misikko price $214.99 $129.99

A representative from contacted me to review the HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5". After more than half a decade straightening my hair with a standard one-setting straightener, here is my experience with the HANA flat iron (and a hair tutorial!).

Product Details

  • Works for all hair types
  • 1.5" plate size is ideal for long, thick hair
  • Includes travel pouch, heat proof silicone mat, and tin case
  • Five heat settings: 140°, 230°, 302°, 370°, 450°
  • More features at

Other flat irons offered by include the Chi Iron, Corioliss, and T3 Dryer.

How to Straighten Your Hair

    • Apply a heat protectant to towel-dried hair*
    • Angle your hair dryer pointing down the hair shaft on low heat until dry (left image is my result with a regular hair dryer...embarrassing!)
    • Apply more heat protectant*
    • Use hair clips to pin your hair up while working in small sections (example)
    • Glide two-inch sections through the flat iron using the 302° setting
    • For ringlets, curl last few inches of hair around plates

*Tip: I tried out the HANA Shine Shield. I love it!! It not only guards from heat, but it moisturizes. And a little goes a long way. I used about half a teaspoon each time. When applying styling products, distribute most of it to the ends of your hair, then work your way up to the roots with the remaining product. Too much at the roots weighs the hair down.

Changing My Look, Day 2

    • Apply a smidge more heat protectant
    • Change part to create more volume
    • Freshen up any pieces that developed waves during sleep*

*I tried out the 370 ° setting. It was noticeably warmer, but my hair was not scorching.

My Experience with the HANA Pro

I was so excited to use this product because of the heat options. My previous one-setting iron would leave my hair too hot to handle. Sometimes my husband would walk in and ask, "What's burning?" However, the HANA Pro is gentle and effective. I achieved the same smoothness as I had in the past, but without the extreme damage. I also love the big curls it gave round brush or curling iron needed.

I had such a great experience with this product, I have to search for criticisms! The time spent straightening my hair did not change, but that is no surprise since I was using a low heat setting. Although the price point is in the triple digits, the sale price is what I would expect to pay for a quality straightener. Customer Service

Within one week I received the most beautiful shipment. I felt like I was opening a present. Of course, the cats were right there to investigate. :)

Such thoughtfulness!

All four of them wanted to play with the flower!

The shipping department packs extra goodies in all orders!!!

I appreciate the extra touches that has to offer. I encourage you ladies to check out the products offered on their site. All orders of $50 or more receive free shipping, plus you are in for a real treat when you receive your order! :)

Any tips on straightening hair? Any products that interest you?

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Disclosure: Items reviewed were provided by All hair advice is from trial & error and years spent conversing with my hair stylist! :)


  1. The picture of your hair before straightening looks just like mine fact, I think mine might be worse lol! I think we have a similar hair texture! I own a Solia flat iron and am so pleased with it...I can't even use a cheapy one from the drug store, it barley did anything to my hair...I require high heat settings! Glad you had a positive experience with this straightener, I will keep it in mind when my Solia craps out on me, which I'm sure it eventually will!

  2. michelle-- your hair looks so good! it's so voluminous and blonde...i wished i had blonde hair sometimes or could dye it blonde. i ask my hair lady and she goes, no because your hair will fry! haha!

  3. I'm also always straightening my hair. I have weird frizzy / flippy hair that needs daily taming so I'll have to look into this. I didn't realize that they had different sizes of the flat iron - from your experience, is bigger better?

    I also sympathize with the burnt hair smell - I had that problem with a previous flat iron too!

  4. @TaraMixandMatch I would be interested to know if a lower heat setting would still work for your hair since it did for mine! I saw on your page that you got the Shine Shield...def. use that with your current flat iron!

    @Ping Thanks, Ping! My girl did an amazing job! It took about three hours, but she really wanted to make sure that my hair was not damaged.

    @SewPetiteGal The extra 1/2 inch on this iron compared to my old one gave me a bigger curl at the bottom. I loved that I did not have to take a round brush to it to get any of the curls!

  5. Love this review Michelle - I think we are long lost hair twins... except mine is falling out like crazy! I would love to try out this brand - heading to their website right now :)

  6. I loveee your hair, Michelle. Thank you for the great review! Misikko packaging is amazing!

  7. You have such a mischievous smile on your face, Michelle! I love how your hair transforms into such different looks.

  8. So pretty Michelle!! I also loved the way their items were packaged, but was too excited to take pictures at the time!..(blushing). One thing to note about the shine serum....two drops (I'm not exaggerating) on my hair made it completely flat. (Your babies look about as curious as mine)! Lol

  9. thanks, ladies!

    @PetiteAsianGirlLol! My husband was saying something, so I was trying to keep from bursting out in laughter! :p

    @Callandra Aw! The cats always think that my presents are their presents! :p

  10. Wow, your hair still looks good day 2! i'll definitely think of this brand when my one and only, can't-live-without chi flat iron breaks down. The packaging is adorable, especially being a purple lover! haha...and your cats peeping into the box is so cute!!!

  11. your hair looks great (as always)! thank you for the review! i am looking for a good traditional flat iron w/ the low heat setting. i'm using the "in-styler" now and it doesn't straighten as well, but it's good for smoothing.

  12. wow, you really know how to style hair!! what a transformation from the before to the after shot.

    cute & little
    Etta Grace Giveaway for flower poufs and blossoms!

  13. I think your hair looks great regardless of how you styled it...but I really enjoyed the photos! :)

  14. Great review - your hair looks fabulous :)

  15. Thanks, ladies! :)
    @kimchi girlThanks! I miss your posts!!

    @Elle Aw! Thanks, Elle! :)

  16. I like the before and after pics! But I gotta admit- I love your natural hair...:D


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