Saturday, August 6, 2011

H&M Trench Coat Review

First Jean posted her gorgeous shift dress. Then Annie posted her finds. What pushed me over the edge were Wendy's shorts. So off I went on Friday trying to hunt them down. Nada. However, I did spot this trench and thought you ladies might be interested in seeing it. It is a nice fit and great price...$49.95! I saw this trench in black and navy. Since I already own a black and navy coat, I had to pass.

The pockets are real

Great sleeve length!

Fingertip length on me

Belt hangs a bit, but I am pretty sure it is detachable, so you can always add your own

I foresee this black fabric attracting lint and cat hair

I am wearing the shirt version of the dress seen on Annie and Jean
Review coming soon!

Fully-lined, even the entire sleeve.

Machine washable!! Check out this handy label guide

Any other trench coat recommendations?

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  1. Ooh, I like the shirt version! IMO, when you are going to go for something classic like a trench, it's a good idea to invest in the best quality you can afford. I can already tell from the photos that the material isn't that great. I would much prefer the AT or BR trench for something in the more affordable range (at least in my affordable range, otherwise, I'd get a Burberry).

  2. it does look cute, but i have having to de-pet-hair my coats!! i also think material is key for coats, although this one does look great on you

  3. It looks like a good buy for the price if one were in the market for a trench in black or navy :) I tried both the dress version and shirt version of that print at H & M and wasn't loving it on myself, although both Annie and Jean looked amazing in it...I'm interested to see it on you :)

  4. @Cher I agree! This is definitely a great option for someone starting out who wants some warmth! I am keeping my eye out for AT or BR trenches...hopefully there will be some huge sales at the end of the fall season so I get can a basic camel color!

    @TaraMixandMatch Too bad you did not like the dress on! They also have the pattern used in a scarf!

  5. Ouuu I like this. I'd have to see it in person. I already own an H&M trench from last year but probably gonna get rid of it soon. Doesn't really match me, I think

  6. I love the fit of the trench on you! Too bad about it being a lint magnet. I am completely unable to wear some black linen pants because I don't have the energy to lint roller each time. Material like that is definitely a deal breaker! Can't wait to see your review on the shirt. The pattern is so retro and pretty!

  7. The fit looks so tiny, that's excellent!! I have to agree with purses and puppes....materail is everything when you live with furry little friends ;)

  8. Michelle, this trench looks great on you. I already own a black trench otherwise I'd be jumping all over it. :) Can't wait for the shirt version of the dress review. I really like the pattern. Thanks for the link. ;)

  9. I agree with Cher that for a classic piece like a trench it's good to invest in the best quality you can. That being said, for $50 that fits so nicely on you! I hate lint magnets as well though. Can't wait to see the top on you! It didn't fit me right pretty much anywhere...which is good, because I would've been torn between top or dress : )

  10. wow, gorgeous trench!! i have yet to find one that fits me nicely and am hoping that the Dallas H&M will have some of these items when it opens in a couple weeks. and can't wait for the shirt review!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace giveaway!

  11. This trench looks sooo good on you! Fit on trenches can be tricky but this one is perfect. Looking forward to your future H&M shirt review!

  12. I'm not into trenches but this fit is almost perfect for you! Not a fan of the color black tho....have you tried the AT trench?


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