Sunday, August 7, 2011

H&M Print Blouse Review

By now, most of us have been exposed to this retro (as reader, R.L., describes it!) pattern from H&M on other bloggers. Jean has shared both the dress and top, and we have also gotten to see Annie style the dress. Unable to find the dress in a size two, I tried on the blouse.

Very short fit!

The sleeve cuffs are not as cute as the dress version.

Button-down back, but no gold buttons. The sleeves feature a slight pucker.

I also saw this print on a scarf mixed with another design.

I love this label guide.

As a casual piece, I think this would look cute with a chunky gold necklace, short shorts and heels. However, the fit was too boxy on my frame. Next, I think...could this work for my classroom? Almost. This material felt breathable, but it needs to be longer and a tad more slim. The cropped fit makes it very limiting for a professional environment, leaving a high-waisted bottom as the only option. Since I do not have any workable items for this top, I did not make the purchase.

Please share any links to cute retro-inspired items!

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  1. michelle-- i think you made the right choice. i don't love the length and the boxy-ness of the top. I agree that this top should be more slim and longer for tucking in. oh well, money saved for u...heehee!

  2. I like the button detailing on the back but you're right, the length is a bit weird. And I totally shop the same way you do. I always consider if a hemline is too short or a top too low cut or an article of clothing is practical in the classroom (you know with all the board writing).

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  3. Hi Michelle, too bad the top did not work for you. I saw it too and called my attention because of the detail buttons on the back but did not like the cropped cut either. Instead I bought the shift dress in the navy blue color. h&m is very good at re-stocking items, so you might still able to find the dress in size 2.

  4. lol, the label is funny, never seen so many translation of the word polyester

  5. i love the print of this shirt but have to admit that i like the dress version better. the shirt is just a bit too short to be comfortable to wear to work. i'd be looking down to see if i was showing my belly button all day! :)

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  6. *taps finger to chin* I kind of like how boxy it is. It certainly requires a different kind of styling, but I think I could make it work. :P Now I debate a trip to H&M.

  7. @Jenn Hi Jenn! Exactly! If I have to write at the top of the board, I do not want to be dress coded by my students!

    @ClaudHey Claud! I could not find a two in that one either! Good tip...I can check back next time I am there.

    @Cher I can see you pulling it off! You have to take pics with it in the storage room! :p

  8. I think the print is adorable, but I didn't like the cut or length on myself either. Agreed about it not really working for the classroom.

  9. I tried this top on too but it didn't look so good on me =) The print is adorable but the material feels cheap. I'll keep my eyes on the dress for you.

  10. such a cute fabric and print.. it's a shame it wasn't more fitted!!!

  11. How disappointing that this didn't have the gold buttons - I really liked that part of the dress. I agree with you on not getting it since it's more of a cropped length.

  12. I tried the top on too and it looked ridic on me. I don't think it looks bad on you but I think you would look adorable in the dress version. I love mine and want the navy too! LOL

  13. I do love the print though.........

  14. It does have great print colors though. If it weren't for the fit, I think it would be very versatile. :)

  15. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  16. I think I like the shirt version better than the dress! I like the boxy fit and it suits the 70s print very well. Very cute!


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