Monday, August 29, 2011

GAP Draped Knit Vest & Super Lightweight Back-Zip Legging Jeans

GAP draped knit vest, xs in heather brown
style #850531   full price: $49.95

GAP super lightweight back-zip legging jeans oor in light gray
style #847769   full price: $69.95

I loved the color of this vest. In person, it has a pink hue. However...

...the draping kept falling like this! That would really bug me.

I think the color and quality of these pants look way better in person than online.

Cute back zipper!

These were so comfortable!

These do not look cute rolled up. I will definitely be stalking these in a oop!

Let me know if you did a recent GAP review so I can add you to the "Related Content" list!

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  1. I really love that sweater vest, it's so adorable! The jeans I love on you, but could never wear myself and your toe nails look fabulous!! Lol (seriously got to get a pedi soon)!

  2. I saw that vest in store and thought of you :) I posted the green legging jeans last week from Gap if you're interested in adding that!
    The zipper detail on those jeans is interesting...kind of cute though!

  3. i love both items michelle. the vest is super cute. the jean fit you well. too bad it's long :(

  4. The back zipper is a very interesting feature. I recently ordered 3 pairs of jeans from Gap. I hope I will find one that I love.

  5. Those jeans are super cute, especially the back zipper. The vest looks like a good layering piece but the weird draping would bother me too. BTW, I love the necklace!

  6. I love this whole outfit, the jeans fit you so well. I think the sweater falling like that would bug me too though.

  7. wow, those fit you wonderfully!! does the back zipper ever bug you when you're sitting or walking? the draping on the sweater is a bit off maybe. perhaps they'll come out with something else in that color?

  8. again, awesome behind so that's why you pull off the jeans w/o butt pockets so well. I can't. that's why i have butt envy. womp.

  9. Thanks, Ladies!

    @Ping I am assuming the oop will be perfect! I want a good sale price, though!

    @Petite Gorgeous I hope they work out for you!

    @Jenn Thank you! The necklace is part of my top! It is sewn in. I found it more than five years ago at Nordstrom. It got jumbled up with things, and was not in my everyday closet until this week!

    @easy petite looks Oh! That is a good question! There was a cover over the top half, kind of like a reverse of what we have in the front of jeans. But I cannot remember if the rest was "lined". It did not feel weird in the fitting room.

    @AubreyOhDang! Google search "The Butt Bible" with Pauline Nordin. She can help you get a perky butt! :p If you have an OnDemand service through your cable company, you might be able to find her videos for free under health and wellness > ExerciseTV.

  10. these two items fit you really well!! the vest looks super comfy for the cooler weather and you have the perfect legs to pull off those pants!

  11. those jeans are on sale for $30 and today you get an extra 35% off!


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