Saturday, August 13, 2011

Banana Republic Cable-Knit Sweater Vest Review

cable-knit sweater vest
light beige, xsp, style#: #851040
also available in purple petal
full price: $79.50

Hi ladies! I just returned from Seattle. I got a chance to wear this new BR vest that my in-laws gifted me back in June. Due to its thickness, this is great for weather in the mid-seventies or lower. I will definitely be styling this more in the fall!

Ann Taylor shirt & necklace / LOFT jeggings / TOMS shoes, size 6.5 / J. Crew belt

I love the braided detail in varying sizes.

To create a more slimming look, this would look cute belted over a dress.

Features vertical stitching down the back.

The xsp appears wide from the back view.
An xxsp would probably be best for those my size or smaller.

The neckline feels like a scarf.

1). 27" top to bottom (back)
2). 9" shoulder to shoulder
3). 15" width at midpoint
100% cotton
*Before wash/dry

Why I feel bad leaving...


  1. You have so many fun, adorable vests...I think I need to go on a vest hunt!

  2. Ouu that vest is adorable! Looks so cute & cozy.

  3. i love the braided detailing on the vest and i can definitely see this as being a really useful layering piece for the cooler weather. and your cats are so cute!

    cute & little

  4. I love this vest!! And you're totally right about it being cute over dresses with a belt. I've never done that look myself but am very tempted to try.

    I also like the strategic placement of kitties that distract me in the photos. I don't know which one I want more, the vest or the kitty! :D

  5. Awww...poor babies are going to miss you :( I love that vest but already have one very similar that I bought at.....I want to say F21 a couple of years back. What I prefer about your's is the thin material. Mine is much thicker and might add a bit of bulk if it were belted, whereas I don't think this one would. Your hair is looking so long and fabulous by the way!!

  6. @TaraMixandMatch Lol! They are great for school! I like to pair them with capris and a tee...makes it more interesting. I need to try new combos this year, though. :p

    @The Little Dust Princess It was! That neckline was hugging me just enough for Seattle weather. So soft, no itchiness!

    @kileen Thanks! :)

    @Jenn Lol! I just placed the vest down, and they walked over! The other one was laying on the vest, so that did not work! Luckily the man was polite and stood to the side. :p

    @Callandra It is also offered in purple! :p Thank you! It has been a slow process growing out my hair since I went blonde. I am happy it is getting there!

  7. It's so funny because my cat seems to do the exact same thing. He has a knack to know exactly where to sit in order to be in the way! Sometimes I'll be on my laptop and he'll sit right smack in between me and the keys, that way I can't ignore him.

  8. I love all the detailing on the vest - it looks lovely with your ensemble and I'm looking forward to seeing how else you'll style it!

    Love the stripes too! I just bought Baby Girl her first striped tee today :)

  9. Love it Michelle! I love your navy TOMS too - they are TOMS right? I have a gray pair but I think navy would be nice to have too!

  10. I love the look of your cable-knit vest with a simple tee! I need more tees in my closet! (I only have one!)

  11. Oooh, I LOVE your vest! I've been oogling that very one from BR for awhile now and I think I need to pull the trigger--so cute.

    And your cats in the suitcase? Hysterical! My chihuahuas do that too--it's such a horrible way to tug at the ol' heart strings, isn't it?

  12. @Jenn Aw!! Too cute!

    @SewPetiteGal Too cute! Looking forward to a baby outfit post!! :)

    @Erin Yes, they are TOMS! I bought them for walking around in Seattle. They have been great!

    @LePetiteLemon Oh! Now I do not feel so weird about my lack of tees!!

    @Chloe I can totally see you in this vest in the purple option!!

  13. Such a cute look! Your Toms are perfect. <3


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