Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ann Taylor Leopard Print Sheath Dress

leopard print sheath dress, oop
Style #265444   full price: $148

Hi ladies! Jean expressed interest in the AT leopard print skirt. I was able to find the dress version to try on. I am new to sheath dresses, but have become curious after seeing so many petite bloggers styling them.

It looks like there is a hint of green in this print.

A statement necklace would be great with this high neckline. See how Jean does it with a neutral sheath dress.

Passes the armhole check! Unfortunately, no pockets! Also, it is dry clean only.

See the bracelet on the bench? That is from Annie's giveaway. It was my first time wearing it out...loving it! Outfit pics coming soon!

I do love this print, but I think all this animal print would be inappropriate for the classroom.

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  1. I like it! It looks like it fits great too! I'm always hesitant about so much animal print, too.

  2. Oh wow, it fits you so well, Michelle. I agree with you though, when are you able to wear it? Maybe a date night, but that's pretty much it. If you really try hard, I think you can get away with wearing it to the classroom with a jacket or cardigan over it? I'm not sure what the dress code is in your school, but I think it's classy enough to pull it off. Maybe when the price goes down enough? :D

  3. Fits you perfectly! But if u don't have an occasion to wear it then I would pass.

  4. i love the fit on you. i can see what u mean that it's kind of hard to wear especially since you can't wear it in the classroom. i don't ever remember my teacher being this fashionable and sexy! lol

  5. Maybe you can tone it down with a blazer, but I agree that it's not something one should wear while teaching :P It looks like it fits you perfectly though!

  6. I think the animal print is fine for the classroom as long as you have a cardi or blazer over it to tone it least I'd wear it :)

  7. I say it's perfectly fine as long as you tone it down with a cardi/blazer :) The fit is lovely on you and I say wait until it goes down in price and then snatch it up! :)

  8. What a perfect fit! I think this would look so pretty for a date night :)

  9. The drsss fits you perfect! Like made for you! :) And it matches you skin tone so well. I don't see a big problem with the darker color and the elegant style. You could add cardigan or blazer anyway. Only thing I'm not so comfortable now is, the price! :)

  10. Thanks ladies! Good suggestions to add a cardigan/blazer!

  11. agree w/everyone.

    don't be afraid of animal print, esp the feline family. hahaha.

    tells them not to mess w/you. cuz if you're daring enough to wear it, you're daring enough to cat scratch them. hahaha. mb that's not a good impression to make as a teacher on kids, but that's just my train of thought for today's post. HA!


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