Thursday, August 18, 2011

a.n.a Roll Sleeve Shirt

a.n.a roll sleeve shirt, sp in blue
sale price: $34.00 $21.99

Small fit alert on this J.C. Penney top! The smallest size at my local store was only a petite small, but it is also available online in petite x-small and regular sizes.

Styled for a Movie

Any Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans? This is what I wore to the Rifftrax showing last night of Jack the Giant Killer.

Old Navy shorts / Banana Republic belt / LOFT velma banded sandal 7
J. Crew hobo / Judith Jack necklace & Christian Dior necklace

Great length! Tuck in completely or do the front-tuck, exposing a fun belt.

These sleeves are rolled up three times. Unrolled, they hit four inches below my elbow.

This shirt does well in 90° weather. It is just light enough to keep cool, but a bra will not peek through.

Styled in Seattle

LOFT jeggings / J. Crew belt / TOMS 'classic' canvas slip-on, 6.5
Juicy Couture necklace

A little Canadian tuexdo-ish. My husband called me "Zapp Rowsdower", another MST3K reference for yah! :) That is the flagship Nordstrom right behind my arm...see the vertical blue sign?

The family relaxed on the rooftop before dinner. My mother-in-law put together this snack for us: heirloom tomatoes from Pike Place Market, Mozzarella from De Laurenti sprinkled with Tuscan Sunset seasoning from Penzey's. Served with oil and vinegar for dipping.


After wash/dry: 1). 25" top to bottom (back); 2). 18.25" top of y-neck to bottom (front); 3). 16" width at midpoint; 4). 14" side seam (armpit to bottom); 5). 14.25" shoulder seam to shoulder seam

This shirt is 100% cotton. It shrunk up about half an inch after its first wash/dry.

Any other JCPenney item suggestions?

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  1. super cute top and with shorts and skinny jeans. the color is so light and airy looking. it's perfect for the warm weather. i didn't know JCP has petite sizes either!

  2. The top is sooo adorable and definitely can be dressed up and down. Thanks for sharing! :) And like Ping I had no idea that JCP had petite sizing, what?!

  3. This is definitely a must keep and wear always shirt Michelle. It looks amazing with your skin tone!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. yay Seattle!! I love this top so much, but I think I have a bunch of similar things so I don't *need* it, but I want it so bad! :) though I'm so cheap, that $22 for JCP is still kind of pricey :( maybe i'll wait til it goes further on sale and cross my fingers my size will still be there!

  5. I <3 MST3K!! I used to watch it all the time when I was in college. I haven't seen it in years.

  6. Thank you for the review, Michelle! You look fabulous in both looks :) I recently bought a roll-up camp shirt too and am loving it!

  7. this looks like a great fit! ive been having problems with blouses being see-thru and having to wear tanks under. this one looks perfect! i wish i had a chance to go to my local store! thanks for the review :)

  8. I love how versatile this button-up is! I think it looks great both tucked in and not tucked in.

  9. what at great find! This shirt looks amazing on you, especially the fit and color. Very surprised it ran small, because I always thought Jcpenney petite section were on the boxier-cut. Although I have bought some business slacks size 2p there in the past that fit pretty decent.

  10. Oh wow, fantastic find! JC Penny? Haven't heard that one in a WHILE! This shirt looks like something much pricier from say...Jcrew or madewell. I love it on you the ways you styled it. And are you on Twitter yet?

  11. Love the shirt! Also I love LOFT's jeggings! They're tight but not ridiculously low like juniors sizing can sometimes be...

  12. @kimmie Lol! And you just made a post today wearing a shirt like this! :p

    @littlenashua Nice! My husband introduced me to it!

    @PetiteAsianGirl Lol! No on the Twitter.

    @Stacey Hi Stacey! where the LOFT jeggings hit!

    And thanks to everyone for the kind words! :)

  13. You look adorable! You seriously make everything look amazing :) I love how you are rocking those Toms!

  14. Great looks! I love the way you styled this shirt - it's perfect!

  15. I have never been able to master the partial tuck-in-shirt thing, but it always looks good on everyone else! =P And, what? I'm confused...there's actually SUNSHINE in Seattle???!! I think that's my first time seeing that in pictures!! Muahahahaha. =P

  16. I MISS Seattle! Boeing used to be one of my clients and I travelled out there every week for 8 months and lived at the W! I really like this blouse, it is an incredible price and also it fits you extremely well! Enjoy it all you can!

  17. I really like these looks Michelle! You are a master of blues! :) Also, those tomatoes look AMAZING... OMG...!!!! I might have dreams about them tonight haha

  18. This top is perfect for summer! I haven't been to a JC Penny since I moved to new york but I remember getting some great deals there before. Also, has anyone ever told you you look a little like Brittany Snow?

    New Follower, love browsing your blog;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  19. super cute fitting shirt! seems like a wardrobe staple, being so versatile. i'm a big fan of partial tucking, hehe.

  20. oh wow, great find on the jcp shirt!! i'm impressed at how well it fits a petite frame! and love it with the LOFT leggings!

    cute & little


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