Sunday, July 17, 2011

Petite Baseball Gear: Children's vs. Women's Sizing

Featured Items

Seattle Mariners v-neck tee
size xs
style#: 272-471
current price: $32.50

Free People ancient stone pendant
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

TOMS 'classic' canvas slip-on
navy, size 6.5
style#: 276725
current price: $43.95

The Children's Section

Typically, not too many great items for someone approaching thirty! These are both a rarity and my absolute favorites:

Banner's nineteen47 line, children's small

majestic, children's small
yes, very childish looking, but I love it!!

The Women's Section

Previously, finding a proper fitting Mariners tee in the women's section was unheard of. Thanks to the Victoria's Secret MLB collection, I can finally shop for baseball tees in my age group!!

This shirt style is not available for all teams, so check with your team on the list here. A neat feature on that page is the "store list" option. It allows you to search by team name, revealing which VS stores carry your team's gear. A reminder, VS stores do not accept returns of catalog or online purchases. Sad, I know. :( You can also find the VS MLB line at the ballpark or your local team store.

This shirt is on the long side, but I was able to make it work with the semi-front tuck. The material is soft and stretchy. I love how form fitting this is compared to my kid tees.

Additional Item Details for Top*:
~13.25" width
~25.25" length
50% polyester / 37% cotton / 13% rayon

*Measurements after wash/dry

Do you know of a good line for baseball tees that runs small?

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  1. Michelle, you have so many of these! I'm really surprised at how nicely some of these kids S fits on you, especially for your height. Usually, kids baseball tees are short and wide, so unless one wants to be the hoochie midriff-baring mama at the games it's probably good to avoid them.

  2. I couldn't tell those tees were from the children's section at all. They look great on you. It's rare for me to find something that fits right from the kid's department.

  3. I'm a sports junkie but for some reason do not own any gear from teams. How can I call myself a fan?! That needs to change :) Thank you for introducing these to me. I want to say that Old Navy womens section might have some sports team tees too... Yankees perhaps? But I'm not too sure. If my memory served me correctly, I think they have a slimmer cut so it *may* suit us too.

  4. michelle-- you have so many baseball tees...i guess it would only make snese since you're a baseball fan! Btw those jeggings look amazing on you...who makes them? i'm normally not a fan of toms, but you make them look so adorable!

  5. @PetiteAsianGirl Lol! I do not want to look like a hoochie! We do walk over a mile to get to the not want to welcome any attention from anyone on the streets!! :p

    @PetiteLittleGirlYes, most of them are too wide and boxy! So glad I found these over the years.

    @CeeOh! I will have to check Old Navy out. Sometimes only the more popular/good teams will get a shirt. Lol!

    @PingThanks Ping! These are my LOFT jeggings from last season. I hope they make more this season. I bought two pairs of them. The TOMS are great! I bought them in Seattle for walking around. My Pumas looked horrible with my jeggings so I ran over to Nordstrom to get these after my mother-in-law made the suggestion.

  6. I'm not much of a sports fan and I don't think I own one baseball shirt for sure but I would like to say that the t-shirts seem to fit you very well and your hair looks AMAZING in these pics ;)

  7. @Callandra Aw!! Thanks! My hair appointment is this week, so it is nice to know that it is still looking good within a week of my appointment! :p

  8. I have no shame about buying my sports apparel from the kid's section...though I have been loving Victoria Secret's offerings as of late!

  9. Hiii! I was wondering what size Mariners tee is that from the Pink line? I'm trying to figure out my size for the tees. Thanks! (:


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