Friday, July 15, 2011

LOFT Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress


Short Sleeve Faux Wrap dress
size xssp, dusty cordovan
style#: #265160
current price: $69.50

This dress is cute (especially loving the color!) but it does not make the cut for teaching attire. Number one reason is that back view. Normally, I can solve the problem of gratuitous rear for the workplace with a vest, like the one Elle sent to me. However, this already has layers going on, so I think that might look odd. Now that I am talking through this, I do not like the dress enough even for regular non-work attire. I do not like that I cannot add my own belt to it, since it already has one running through it. Plus, it almost gives the illusion of having a tummy when looking at the front view. Other than the above, there is nothing really horribly wrong with the dress, it is just not what I want at the moment. Perhaps if I see a final price of $14.99 and there is an additional 40% off being offered that day and they allow me to use my teacher discount on top of that...maybe! :)

armholes are good!

the top can easily be shifted to provide more coverage

The LOFT sales associate informed me that the fall line would be out on Monday!


  1. Such a cute dress on you. I am loving the color too. Perfect for Fall =)

  2. That dress looks great on you! I love the whole idea of wrap dresses (have a couple) but I always have to wear a stupid cami otherwise it's too revealing on me....ugh..LOL

  3. Perfect! =)

  4. very cute dress! i can't wait to check out new stuff on monday. so soon!

    cute & little
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  5. I love the style of this dress! The colour is perfect on you

  6. I don't think we are allowed to combine our teacher discount with sale stuff anymore :( I do like the color of this on you, but can see why it's a no go for work. Can't wait to see all the new fall's been slowly trickling onto the website!

  7. I actually think this dress was made for you Michelle. I don't think this the dress is too tight in the rear at all, but if you feel uncomfortable I think you could definitely add a longer cardi or some other type of topper. As for the belt, I have seen this type of dress belted over the self tie belt and was surprised at how good it looked (so there are always options ;) Of cours on sale at $14.99 plus and addtl 40% off wouldn't be bad either! Lol

  8. Why do you guys have to go and say stuff like "this dress was made for you Michelle"?! :p would make a nice dinner out with the parents kind of dress. But, at a big sale price only! :)

  9. Ooh, glad to see I'm not the only one that hates it when dresses (or tops for that matter) come with attached tie belts. Sometimes they work and look great, but most of the time they don't and I just want to yank them off and have my way with it. ;)

    I do like the color of the dress on you though- so pretty! And I'm excited to hear that LOFT's fall arrivals are coming Monday (today, eep!). Woohoo!


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