Thursday, July 21, 2011

LOFT Rose and Ruffle Banded Shell & Ripstop Skirt w/ Zipper Pockets

Items Reviewed

rose and ruffle banded shell
xxsp, gravel grey
also available in light lavender
style# 265061

ripstop skirt w/zipper pockets*
oop, bay leaf
also available in river rock green
style# 265907

*The style number above is from the tag of the oop skirt I tried on. When clicking the link I have provided, it does not specify petite, but is shown as an item under the petite skirts. And "river rock green"? Should just be "river rock". A little confusing! :p

The Shell

I think this shell is very pretty. I am still trying to collect neutral items, so I love this grey. I wish the shape of the sleeves covered a little more back, since you can see my bra strap. Perhaps a different bra would solve that problem. If an xxsp finds its way to the sale rack, I will consider making the purchase! :)

The Skirt

I love the front of this skirt...stitching and zippers look great! And the color...I am such a sucker for that green! The waist fit nicely. However, the backview is not so good. I think it is just a tad too lumpy and wrinkly in the back. Also, the pocket placement is too far apart. Normally, I love an exposed zipper, but here it seems to be a rude interruption rather than a fun eye-catcher. This would not even be a sale purchase for me...the fit and design of the rear does not pass.

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend! :)


  1. I love that blouse! I agree with you on the skirt - for some reason the exposed zipper AND the pockets are throwing me off. If it was one or the other I think it would work better.

  2. you look so chic in this outfit. I absolutely love this shell. The narrow cut on the back makes it looked more edgy. Haven't gone to Loft for a while, seems need to pay a visit soon. :)
    BTW, just read your last post. $6 for that skirt? You are unbelievable! The outfit is so pretty, i love it from head to toe.

  3. that top is very pretty and it fits you great! i agree with the skirt. why put the pockets there? yikes, dont think that would look right on anyone. but you should get that top!! it just looks lovely on you :)

  4. This is so lovely on you, especially the top :)

  5. this top is super pretty on you and i will definitely be keeping my eye on it too for when it hits the sales rack!

    cute & little
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  6. The blouse is pretty, I love the detailing on it! Great find :)

  7. The shell is very pretty but I would hate to have to worry about the bra strap all day at work. I definitely agree with you on that skirt, the fit is good on you but that's all I like about it. Thanks so much for this review!

  8. You know I'm a sucker for ruffle tops and loving this one! I hope the XXSP fits better. I love the color too- great for layering in the fall:)

    I know these fitting room posts are not easy so thank you! :)


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