Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free People: Seamless Corset Top

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Free People seamless corset top
size xs/s, coco
also available in pistachio, black, kitten pink
style#: #21022413
current price: $38.00

Free People ancient stone pendant
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

Additional Item Details for Top:
~12.5" width
~17.5" length
81% nylon / 19% spandex

Hey ladies! I have missed everyone! I was absent for good reasons! :) Just took a break from the computer for awhile...have been doing lots of cooking for myself during the summer break. I have been having so much fun making myself lunches. :p Also, my family recently took a trip up to Seattle to see the Mariners/Braves series. Besides going to the games, Seattle also means visiting Free People (and great food...I had fish every night!). :p I was so happy to pick up the stone pendant necklace that Ping wears on her blog. Also, the corset top was such a gorgeous color, I could not resist. I was actually at the register ready to pay when I spotted it, and asked my husband if he would not mind me trying on one more item! :p Fits great! Although it has a built in bra shelf, a bra is necessary, or at least something to cover the nipples. I have worn this top out twice now, and I did not have to constantly adjust it...maybe once did I fiddle with the black lining, but no looking weird trying to pull the top up in public. :p Also...those vertical lines are tiny holes, so that is skin showing through...nothing too scandalous, though.

And here are a couple Ichiro pics for anyone interested in a nice view...


  1. Michelle, I've missed you!!!

    Ok that top fits you like a glove!!! It's so sexy but love how you're wearing it with jean shorts to tone it down a bit. You look great :)

  2. Yay, you're back! Glad to hear all is are looking great! Happy summer :)

  3. Glad to see you posting again! I figured that as a teacher, you'd be staying busy doing fun things during summer break :)

    Love the necklace and top!

  4. Welcome back, Michelle! We've missed you. It sounds like you've had a great summer so far. Loving the earth tones of your outfit!

  5. I love the color of that top! It's neutral without washing out your skin tone, very flattering. I made the mistake of buying a pale pink top the other day, so awful looking on my pale skin :(

  6. Welcome back, Michelle. I love the color of that corset. Any good recipes to share =)?

  7. You've been missed, Michelle! Glad to hear you were out and about enjoying your summer and doing some traveling. I think Ping's going to like this post.

  8. Michelle-- i missed u (u already know that!). i'm glad you are back and posting.
    such a cute corset and it fits your perfect. i haven't seen this top yet at the FP store...maybe i just haven't been looking hard enough. glad to see that you picked up the necklace too. i get so much wear out of it because it goes with everything. i hope you will too. :)

  9. Thanks for the welcome back ladies! :p

    @PetiteLittleGirl So many good things! Mostly inspired by Giada De favorite! :p My favorite thing to do lately is steam vegetables in the oven (which I learned from Emeril). I just lightly coat some fresh veggies (like broccoli and tomatoes) in olive oil and a pinch of salt and put them in foil all sealed up and place in the oven on about 350 for 15-20 minutes. It is great because there is no pot to clean!

    @Ping I just got the catalog and found a dress that is a similar style. It is in red, though...which I do not like a whole lot on me as a solid. The catalog states that the dress comes in charcoal, but it has not shown up yet online. And that necklace has gotten so much wear already!! I am constantly playing with the ends...rolling them up into little coils. The cats go nuts for it too when it catches their eyes! :p

  10. Welcome back Michelle, I definitely have missed your reviews. Love your new buys, especially the corset top. :)

  11. I too have missed you! rock those short shorts girl!

  12. Yay! Glad to see you posting again. Love those shorts on you!

  13. it's great to see you again! i'm glad you've been out enjoying your summer. these shorts look so cute on you and what a great corset top!

    cute & little
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  14. damn girl that corset top fits you like a glove!! you look gorgeous in it.. BAHAHAHA omg i just about died laughing looking at the backside of ichiro. hahaha.. he's pretty cute from the front side too. bahaha.

  15. Thanks again ladies for the nice comments and "welcome backs"! :)
    @Lisa Lol! He has such a nice smile! And I love the bulging veins in his arm as he leans on the bat! No joke! It is sexy! :p


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