Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free People Ancient Stone Pendant

ancient stone pendant
shown in ivory
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

I am still loving this fun summer necklace! The brassy gold color matches well with similar or mixed metal looks. The stone encased in wire varies, adding to its uniqueness.

web version (left) / mine looks like a heart!! (right)

chain discoloration over time

styled for a casual dinner out

This necklace has two intended length options (the lobster clasp can actually fit the smaller links). The two fringe-style metal chains at the bottom are of unequal length. The stone is secured well. If anything should happen to the chain or fringe at bottom, the stone piece can be salvaged and easily re-attached to new chains. With close to twenty wears, I have noticed that the metal along the neckline has turned a darker color, however, it has never left a mark on my neck (see image). Jean offers great advice for this occurrence in her shopping for statement jewelry video. At the 2:25 mark she gives suggestions for maintaining inexpensive jewelry items.

This necklace has been on the market for quite some time now...hopefully a sale will hit soon! New friends of receive free shipping. Scroll to the bottom of their website to sign up.

32" chain (above stone)

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  1. i like how each of these necklaces is unique because of the stone. it looks lovely and i have to remind myself to check out Free People more!

    cute & little

  2. Love your shoes in the second photo! Who make's those?

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. @kileenYou should! I blame Ping for my addiction! :p

    @Natasha xoxoThanks Natasha! They are incredibly comfortable! I added a link above under "related content" that will send you to my original post about them! :)

  4. What a unique necklace! Hopefully, it'll go on sale soon so I can get one for myself =)

  5. I love stone necklaces, cause no two are alike! I also love your dinner outfit, that top and bag are amazing!

  6. oh you're lucky yours looks like a heart. cute necklace. I do hate that the metal gets discolored. I'm too lazy to put a coat of top coat on it.

  7. Love the necklace, it is SOOO unique! And the second outfit with the red dress and crochet top is tdf! You look amazing!

  8. Michelle, you've got the boho look down pat. Love this necklace, especially how every stone has its own shape. Everytime I visit your blog, I have to remind myself to check out Free People. Will do it now before I forget ;)

  9. michelle-- i love how you wore that with a crochet top and red boho chic! haha omg i definitely have worn that necklace so much. it's like 2nd nature, i just gravitate towards it. lol

  10. @TaraMixandMatchThanks! This is an old Coach from probably five years back. I have probably only used it less than ten times...used to be a silver girl, but now that I have more golds I feel comfortable using it...finally!

    @AubreyOhDang!Oh!! A top coat is a great tip! I think I remember seeing that in one of Jean's posts...will have to look for it!

    @ElleThanks, Elle! The dress is from American Eagle last season. I also have it in grey...wish I would have bought two of each!!

    @ElleLol! I never thought I would be a boho girl, but I have been accumulating a lot of casual items that give that vibe! Go visit Ping's blog and you will really be wanting Free People!

    @PingThanks, Ping! I am in trouble if a FP opens up in Vegas!!

  11. @MichelleOops! That second "@Elle" should have been "@Cee" :p

  12. I love natural-type necklaces - no 2 are exactly the same and the fact that yours is more heart-shaped is awesome! Thanks for reviewing this piece. I'll have to include Free People in my necklace inspirations :)

  13. That necklace is awesome, I'm such a fan of Free People! Also loving the crochet top.


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