Saturday, July 30, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #9: Heat Wave Appropriate

"Create an outfit that accounts for the various environmental factors that plague us in the summer. I want to know how you dress when it's 90 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside."

Thank you to Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion for hosting this challenge!

More info on the LOFT top / more info on the Ann Taylor heels / Judith Jack necklace & bracelet

I styled my hair using the HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5" coming soon!

Boy was the only cat who braved the 100° weather!

Fortunately, extreme temperature differences do not happen often in my classroom. If they do, I reach for capris to keep my legs warm...they get cold way too easily! On top, I prefer open armholes with a cardigan for indoors. This outfit has me excited to head back to school soon!!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOFT Stripe Boxy Tee & Ripstop Cargo Pant

stripe boxy tee
xxsp, shadow grey
style#: 267154
my price: $39.50 $26.70

ripstop cargo pant
oop, deep earth
also available in river rock green
style#: #265887
my price: $59.50 $35.70

LOFT is my ol' reliable for work clothes, especially tops. I caved and went to the mall to use my 40% off full-priced items coupon. With it I purchased three tops and a pair of capris. All three tops are a really pretty grey-purple...I should probably ban myself from that color! I also found an infinity scarf like the one Callandra wore recently and some silver sandals. Both items were on sale, plus an additional 50% off!

in love with these stripes / great armholes!

slightly see-through

loving the zipper

great stitching

The Top

This top is so comfortable! I especially appreciate the open armholes! The unique stripe pattern is a nice change. As mentioned above, it is slightly see-through (mostly obvious in the back), so I would wear a cute vest over this to make it appropriate for work.

~16.75" width at midpoint
~13.5" elastic width at bottom
~24" top of shoulder to bottom
70% rayon / 30% Tencel Lyocell

The Cargo Pants

I bought a pair very similar to these from LOFT in the spring and have gotten a lot of use out of them. This style is great for teachers. I prefer to pair these with heels and really dress up the top with nice accessories. The rear of these may fit baggy for some ladies. It has a drawstring, but I usually like to hide it and wear a belt. Drawstrings do not always keep the pants snug enough for me. Also important to note, the pants appear somewhat purple online, but in person they are clearly grey.

~13.5" waist
~24" inseam
~1.75" belt loops
96% cotton / 4% spandex

*before washing

Anyone else take advantage of the 40% off deal today?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free People Ancient Stone Pendant

ancient stone pendant
shown in ivory
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

I am still loving this fun summer necklace! The brassy gold color matches well with similar or mixed metal looks. The stone encased in wire varies, adding to its uniqueness.

web version (left) / mine looks like a heart!! (right)

chain discoloration over time

styled for a casual dinner out

This necklace has two intended length options (the lobster clasp can actually fit the smaller links). The two fringe-style metal chains at the bottom are of unequal length. The stone is secured well. If anything should happen to the chain or fringe at bottom, the stone piece can be salvaged and easily re-attached to new chains. With close to twenty wears, I have noticed that the metal along the neckline has turned a darker color, however, it has never left a mark on my neck (see image). Jean offers great advice for this occurrence in her shopping for statement jewelry video. At the 2:25 mark she gives suggestions for maintaining inexpensive jewelry items.

This necklace has been on the market for quite some time now...hopefully a sale will hit soon! New friends of receive free shipping. Scroll to the bottom of their website to sign up.

32" chain (above stone)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Anthropologie: A Bit Biased Tee

a bit biased tee
by left of center
size xs, grey motif
also available in blue motif
style# 20087300
price: $38.00 $19.95

This is my current favorite casual tee. On my last trip to Anthropologie my shopping buddy alerted me, "This would be a cute Seattle shirt!" I was in love (and so grateful) when she showed me, and thrilled that it fit! It has served its purpose as an airplane and city-walking shirt for Seattle. And because of the thin (but not see-through) material, I am able to wear this during the hot Vegas summer! Out of 86 customer reviews, it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Littlest Girl showing you the flattering a-line shape

Then off she went to clean Orange One

I think the shape of this shirt is flattering for nearly all body types. It fits so nicely in the bust and armholes, and flares out just enough. It is also super cute with jeggings!

Additional Item Details*:
~13.75" shoulder to shoulder seam
~18" top to bottom (front)
~25" top to bottom (back)
~18.5" width at bottom

*After cold wash/hang dry

What are your favorite casual tees?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

LOFT Rose and Ruffle Banded Shell & Ripstop Skirt w/ Zipper Pockets

Items Reviewed

rose and ruffle banded shell
xxsp, gravel grey
also available in light lavender
style# 265061

ripstop skirt w/zipper pockets*
oop, bay leaf
also available in river rock green
style# 265907

*The style number above is from the tag of the oop skirt I tried on. When clicking the link I have provided, it does not specify petite, but is shown as an item under the petite skirts. And "river rock green"? Should just be "river rock". A little confusing! :p

The Shell

I think this shell is very pretty. I am still trying to collect neutral items, so I love this grey. I wish the shape of the sleeves covered a little more back, since you can see my bra strap. Perhaps a different bra would solve that problem. If an xxsp finds its way to the sale rack, I will consider making the purchase! :)

The Skirt

I love the front of this skirt...stitching and zippers look great! And the color...I am such a sucker for that green! The waist fit nicely. However, the backview is not so good. I think it is just a tad too lumpy and wrinkly in the back. Also, the pocket placement is too far apart. Normally, I love an exposed zipper, but here it seems to be a rude interruption rather than a fun eye-catcher. This would not even be a sale purchase for me...the fit and design of the rear does not pass.

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BR Silk Ikat Pencil Skirt

Current Items

Banana Republic silk ikat pencil skirt
size o, orange print
also available in blue
style#: 833146
my price: $79.50 $6.29

Nine West mayner heels
mirage spice
my price: $89.00 $35.60

This is my, "This was only $6!!" face!

Lots of bargains for me this week! You may remember my Ann Taylor heels. We also bought four dining chairs at Pottery Barn that are normally $229 each, for $99 each!! They were floor models, but hardly any scratches...nothing the cats would not do in a few months. :p And a $79 skirt for $6?! Ahh! So nice!

So, the skirt...I would prefer the oo, but for six bucks this is great!! Out of twenty-four reviews, this gets 3/5 stars on Banana's site. Some reviewers suggest ordering one or two sizes up. One stated that this was made for a "bean pole". Many complained that it accentuated their hips too much. Sounds like it was made for small and straight ladies!

The fabric feels great. I keep touching it! :p I also think the length is great...especially since I will be using it for work. The online description states "partially lined". *confused* It has no lining unless you count the pockets?! Lol!

Additional Item Details for Skirt:
~13" elastic band
~18.25 at widest part
~21" length
100% silk
dry clean only

Any recent Banana finds?

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Petite Baseball Gear: Children's vs. Women's Sizing

Featured Items

Seattle Mariners v-neck tee
size xs
style#: 272-471
current price: $32.50

Free People ancient stone pendant
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

TOMS 'classic' canvas slip-on
navy, size 6.5
style#: 276725
current price: $43.95

The Children's Section

Typically, not too many great items for someone approaching thirty! These are both a rarity and my absolute favorites:

Banner's nineteen47 line, children's small

majestic, children's small
yes, very childish looking, but I love it!!

The Women's Section

Previously, finding a proper fitting Mariners tee in the women's section was unheard of. Thanks to the Victoria's Secret MLB collection, I can finally shop for baseball tees in my age group!!

This shirt style is not available for all teams, so check with your team on the list here. A neat feature on that page is the "store list" option. It allows you to search by team name, revealing which VS stores carry your team's gear. A reminder, VS stores do not accept returns of catalog or online purchases. Sad, I know. :( You can also find the VS MLB line at the ballpark or your local team store.

This shirt is on the long side, but I was able to make it work with the semi-front tuck. The material is soft and stretchy. I love how form fitting this is compared to my kid tees.

Additional Item Details for Top*:
~13.25" width
~25.25" length
50% polyester / 37% cotton / 13% rayon

*Measurements after wash/dry

Do you know of a good line for baseball tees that runs small?

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Friday, July 15, 2011

LOFT Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress


Short Sleeve Faux Wrap dress
size xssp, dusty cordovan
style#: #265160
current price: $69.50

This dress is cute (especially loving the color!) but it does not make the cut for teaching attire. Number one reason is that back view. Normally, I can solve the problem of gratuitous rear for the workplace with a vest, like the one Elle sent to me. However, this already has layers going on, so I think that might look odd. Now that I am talking through this, I do not like the dress enough even for regular non-work attire. I do not like that I cannot add my own belt to it, since it already has one running through it. Plus, it almost gives the illusion of having a tummy when looking at the front view. Other than the above, there is nothing really horribly wrong with the dress, it is just not what I want at the moment. Perhaps if I see a final price of $14.99 and there is an additional 40% off being offered that day and they allow me to use my teacher discount on top of that...maybe! :)

armholes are good!

the top can easily be shifted to provide more coverage

The LOFT sales associate informed me that the fall line would be out on Monday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ann Taylor Skye Oxford Sandals & LOFT Black/White Combo Dress


LOFT Black & White Combo dress
size xxsp
style#: #252676
my price: $69.50 $34.99

Ann Taylor Skye Oxford Laceup Sandals
black & natural
size 7, style#: 184761
my price: $198.00 $49.99

I went back-to-school shopping (specifically for shoes) today and hit some great sales!! An additional 50% off sale items at Ann Taylor! These heels are amazing! From $198 to $49.99!! Ahh!! I purchased two! The cats took their turns lounging in the box. :p


I also found cute sale items at LOFT...which were an additional 30% off. I love that this dress can work for any season! It is unlined, so if I wear tights with this, I will have to wear a slip...adding that to my mental shopping list! Also, the material on the top part is a bit thin. I can just barely see my nude bra, but a cardigan, blazer, or vest can solve that problem.

Already assembled an outfit for the first week of school! :)

Additional Item Details for Top:
~13.25" waist
~34" length
100% modal (top), 70% modal / 30% polyester (bottom)
unlined / dry clean only

Necklace and bracelet are sale items, no longer available online.
Necklace - SKU#89593134 / Bracelet - SKU#89593172

Hope you ladies were able to take advantage of the Ann Taylor sale! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free People: Seamless Corset Top

Featured Items

Free People seamless corset top
size xs/s, coco
also available in pistachio, black, kitten pink
style#: #21022413
current price: $38.00

Free People ancient stone pendant
also available in coral, turquoise
style#: 20493045
current price: $28.00

Additional Item Details for Top:
~12.5" width
~17.5" length
81% nylon / 19% spandex

Hey ladies! I have missed everyone! I was absent for good reasons! :) Just took a break from the computer for awhile...have been doing lots of cooking for myself during the summer break. I have been having so much fun making myself lunches. :p Also, my family recently took a trip up to Seattle to see the Mariners/Braves series. Besides going to the games, Seattle also means visiting Free People (and great food...I had fish every night!). :p I was so happy to pick up the stone pendant necklace that Ping wears on her blog. Also, the corset top was such a gorgeous color, I could not resist. I was actually at the register ready to pay when I spotted it, and asked my husband if he would not mind me trying on one more item! :p Fits great! Although it has a built in bra shelf, a bra is necessary, or at least something to cover the nipples. I have worn this top out twice now, and I did not have to constantly adjust it...maybe once did I fiddle with the black lining, but no looking weird trying to pull the top up in public. :p Also...those vertical lines are tiny holes, so that is skin showing through...nothing too scandalous, though.

And here are a couple Ichiro pics for anyone interested in a nice view...

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