Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Navy: Pleated Linen-Blend Shorts

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Old Navy pleated linen-blend shorts
size o regular, amalgam
also available in jack black, salamander
item#: #839663
current price: $24.94 $15.00

Old Navy printed ruffle-front cami
size xs regular, warm floral
item#: 840397
current price: $17.94 $15.00

Old Navy is not usually one of my stops. However, my shopping buddy wanted to go to check out their shorts, so I chose a few items to pass the time in the fitting room. I was pleasantly surprised that a size o fit me! I still cannot believe it! I just checked the online reviews, and most claim that these run small...some ladies even suggest ordering two sizes larger! Score! I am wearing a size o regular, but there is even a size o petite available.

Additional Item Details for Shorts:
~14.25" width
~9" length
~2.75" inseam
55% linen / 45% rayon

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  1. Wow, the fit of those shorts are amazing! Usually Old Navy sizes are too big for me and the stores (where I live) tend to carry only the larger sizes. I also really like the top as well. Very pretty and great for spring.

  2. Nice! Yeah I find Old Navy hit or miss but there are some great inexpensive finds to be had!

  3. I rarely (I mean like, once every 2 yrs!) find something that fits at Old Navy, I'm glad that you did! They usually run so large.

  4. OMG i was just contemplating ordering these same shorts LOL! i wanted them in white but it's sold out. =/

    yeah...the reviews said it ran small so i was thinking of getting a 2, but since ur wearing a 0, maybe ladies should consider a 4 if they're normally Old Navy 0.

    thanks for the reviews...you look super cute as usual! :)

    kimchi girl

  5. michelle-- both the cami and shorts are really really cute and they fit you so well. i'm surprised their size 0 runs so small to fit petites. i need to give them a shot. i think i might order both items when i get home.

  6. Cute shorts...I want to find and wear shorts but I look strange in them..LOL

  7. OOO I like these shorts on you. They are adorable for ON (no offense to them). I don't wear shorts enough to justify buying more of them but I really like these on you!

  8. Cute outfit! I was looking at ON's tie shorts, which I swear are the exact dupes for J.Crew's but 3x cheaper. It's good to know that 0s fit you well because that means I can go up a size and it'll still fit me. Yay :)

  9. That is such a great summer outfit! If you can find something at Old Navy that is decent quality and fits well, it is so worth it for the price!

  10. Super cute shorts! They make your legs look like they are a mile long! :)

  11. Those shorts are super cute!

    Old Navy is usually a hit or miss for me, but lately it's been more of a hit! Their stuff is really cute these days, but I know how difficult it would be for you tiny ladies to find clothes that fit properly there. Most of the time, I wear an XS and size 0 in Old Navy, and I've always thought of myself as an average size, and there's tons of girls, like you, that are way tinier than me.

    I really love the shorts. Hopefully my store will have my size left!

  12. Those shorts are super chic! You look fantastic in them. I am going to go check for them tomorrow - thank you for posting <3

  13. I have those shorts and LOVE them--they were all I wore while I was on vacation in Hawaii. I love the cami you paired with them, too!

  14. Michelle I can't get enough of that top, I'm so in love!! Those shorts look adorable by the way and yay they fit from a regular store (don't you love when that happens ;)

  15. Great fit in these shorts; I usually stay away from Old Navy but these seem promising. How's the quality?

  16. @Anna Hey Anna! I have worn and washed these now a total of maybe five times. Still enjoying them! :) They have not stretched out, either! So glad!!! If I hold these up to the light, I can see some of it shining through...does that make sense? I am pretty sure they are supposed to be like that...this is my first pair of linen shorts, so I assume.


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