Wednesday, May 4, 2011

J. Crew Herringbone Cargo Dress & Studded Military Belt

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J. Crew herringbone cargo dress
size xxs, spiced olive
also available in dark pewter
item#: 39623
current price: $69.50 $49.99

J. Crew studded military belt
size S (length = 33.75")
also available in olive gold
item#: 39464
current price: $98.00 $39.99

I was able to catch a good bargain last additional 30% off sale items. I highly suggest you check see chloe shop. She is my source for online sale codes, and I check her "Daily List of Deals" nearly every day.

The gorgeous Chloe made this dress look so good, I had to have it. Just as Chloe had mentioned, athough this is not labeled petite, the length is still decently short. The arms are fairly tight, but do not limit movement. Also, the fabric is surprisingly thick...I do not see myself wearing this in 90+ degree Vegas weather, but perhaps in Seattle this summer.

Additional Item Details for Dress:
~16.5" across waist
~31.75" length
100% cotton

Check out J. Crew's sale belts...a few are left at great prices! I ordered four total, and love them all! Here are the other three:

studded leather belt - alabaster, size small (36.5 inches)
notched denim belt - sand dune, size s/m (39 inches)
whip-snake waist belt - georgia peach, size s (35.75 inches)

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  1. Oh my goodness - this looks like it was made for you! This is one my fave outfits on you - the perfect fitting olive dress + military belt = PERFECTION

  2. Wow! The mountains behind you are so beautiful!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. This dress is the perfect outfit to go with the desert background. It fits so unbelievably well on you -- I bet if you removed the belt, the dress wouldn't hang like a sack. Great buy, Michelle!

  4. This dress looks perfect on you! Eek, my wallet wants me to buy this dress now. It looks better on you than in the stock photos on the website. I love the 1st photo, with the pretty background scenary!

  5. Wow Michelle, the dress looks better on you than Jcrew webpage! The belt is such a perfect match! Great look, totally love it.

  6. michelle -- i love that dress on you! you're right, it is petite length and not too short at all. it's also perfect with that belt!

  7. You are so cute!!!!!!! :D It fits you perfectly! And the mountains behind you? What a picturesque place :D

  8. The dress looks great and the fit is perfect on you. I love so many stuff from J. Crew, but it's kind of expensive =/

  9. great bargain on both items Michelle! i contemplated getting the dress myself b/c it looks SO GOOD on you gals but i'd have major length issues. :(

    p.s. ur hair looks lovely...i've been trying to do the mini-pouf (sp?) myself to get my bangs out of my face.

  10. This dress looks amazing on you! I'm curious to see it on a taller lady, I think the length is PERFECT on you, I can't imagine it on someone MUCH taller!

  11. Thanks ladies! My husband was glad to hear that you appreciated the mountain view...he told me to move so that he could get the mountains in the picture. :p

    @Kimberly It can be, but there are always those extra extra discounted items hanging around.

    @Kimchi Girl I am ok with indecent length, so I say go for it!! :p Thanks about the is a great way to keep it out of my face during the work day. Or if my hair is laying weird, it is an easy way to hide the weirdness.

  12. Love this dress on you, Michelle. And the belt really looks like it comes with the dress! :)

  13. I love this military-inpired dress. It fits you like a glove. You and Chloe both look great in it.

  14. ooohhhh i love that dress! fits you great!

  15. This looks so great on you Michelle! That belt is totally awesome and unique too!

  16. I lov your outfit and the background!!!

  17. I'm loving all your belts! This one is so cool.


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