Friday, April 22, 2011

AE Frayed Surplus Mini, Distressed Denim Miniskirt, & Ikat Bikini

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ae frayed surplus mini
size oo, white
also available in green, khaki
style#: 0313-1495
after discount: $36.50 $11.96

ae distressed denim miniskirt
size oo
style#: 0315-1496
after discount: $39.50 $19.96

ae ikat triangle bikini top, size xxs, olive
also available in purple
style#: 0461-2801
after discount: $24.50 $11.96

ae ikat bikini bottom, size xxs, olive
also available in purple
style#: 0461-2802
after discount: $24.50 $11.96

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Frayed Surplus Mini

This fabric feels great. My husband does not see anything wrong with it, but I feel that it flares too much at the bottom...notice the measurement difference between waist and bottom hem below. Thoughts? Keep or return?

I am also wearing the aeo braided belt and the aeo ikat scarf. This belt, along with the other one (braided leather belt) I ordered, were both returned because of their length (40.5", 41") and stiffness.

Additional Item Details:
~14" across waist
~19.5" across bottom hem
~10.25" length
100% cotton

Distressed Denim Miniskirt

For $20, this seems to be a keeper. Any decenters?.

I am also wearing the printed ruffle-front cami from Old Navy in xs.

Additional Item Details:
~14.5" across waist
~17.25" across bottom hem
~10.75" length
100% cotton

Ikat Bikini

For $12 a piece, the suit is great! I was nervous that the xxs would be too small for my bottom half (the widest part measures just under thirty-five inches), but the xxs fits weird pinching of my cheeks or at the hips!

Additional Item Details:
~11.5" across waist
~6.75" top of triangle to bottom
80% nylon / 20% spandex

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  1. The white frayed surplus skirt looks very lovely but I do think that it flares a little too much at the bottom. I would return it. However, I love love the second outfit. The skirt is a keeper for sure. Happy Easter :)

  2. michelle-- you have great legs!
    oh yes, i tend to have issues with skirts like that (flaring out too much). it bothers me too. i think the 2nd skirt is better, but i don't love it. its kinda boxy?
    i do love the orange tank, scarf and cami! such pretty colors. i have been loving these colors.

  3. I love the orange theme today! The scarf looks perfect with the tank! I'm glad you are getting more comfortable with scarves. I also love the print of the Old Navy cami. The white mini looks perfect front view, but side view, it looks too big. I vote return. I'm also with Ping about the 2nd mini...I don't know what it is, but not totally loving it as the other items.

  4. Both are really cute outfits, Michelle! I do think the white skirt flares out a bit much in the back -- wished it looked more like the front. That would be the only item I'd vote for return; all the others fit you nicely. I had actually been eyeing the belt in hot pink but good thing I read your post first! So there will be no ordering for me.

  5. The printed ruffle front cami I love!! I agree with everyone else about the flare on the white skirt being a bit wide. Beautiful color pairings on both outfits though for sure ;)

  6. I'm not a fan of the white denim skirt, too much fraying and the floating thing does look odd! The second skirt is marvelous, I love it as well as the price.

  7. You look like you were made to wear mini skirts! I think they are both very cute on you and I especially love how you paired the first one with the scarf. I don't think the slight flare of the white one is noticeable at all.

  8. Ooo cute skirts!!! I especially like the 2nd one- you def have the legs to pull off these mini's!!! :D

  9. Look at you and those legs! I'm so jealous that you're in such Summery outfits already. I like the denim skirt better than the white one. It seems to flare out like you said or looks like it's sitting higher than it should in the back.

  10. Cute skirts and I love that ON top. I saw it in the store and passed it by but it looks great on you!

  11. i really like your scarf!

    look at your sunkissed hair! so shiny! I'm never ever in Vegas long enough to see any of my friends who live there, but everytime i go, I think of you.

  12. You pull off mini's so well! Seriously, those mile long legs can do no wrong. Yes, keep both! :) I have had to get rid of some denim mini's recently because I just look like I am trying too hard but it's so perfect on you!

  13. Michelle, you look so cute with both mini outfit. I don't see anything wrong with the picutres. You could go with thin leggings or sports-like under pants anyway. I'd say to keep them for such good deal. they are so versatile and such essential elements for many styles. Oh BTW, it's extra 30% now you might get price adjusted. :)

  14. You are gorgeous! Both those looks are fantastic on you and I didn't see anything weird about the photographs. I also liked your shoes, by the way! Followed you :)

  15. Thanks for the feedback ladies! I am definitely returning the white. I am now undecided about the jean one after trying it on is doing the poofy thing that the white one did. So since I have doubts, that is a big "return" in my book.

    @AubreyOhDang! Aww! That is sweet! If you ever have free time in Vegas, send me an email so we can meet up!

    @Elle Your legs are amazing! I can't imagine it would look like you are trying too hard!

    @Mix and Match Thanks for the heads up! :)

    @Katherine Hi Katherine! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  16. great outfits!! i agree that the white skirt should go back as it flares just a little too much. and i love the cami in the second outfit!

    cute & little


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