Monday, March 14, 2011

Co9: A Traveling Boutique

I was delighted to have stumbled upon a traveling boutique, Co9, while at my hair appointment recently. I wish, wish, wish I had my camera with me to show you the pretty clothes! I did not want to stay long (my husband drove me to my 2.5 hour appointment, during which time he worked on some programming in a coffee shop that turned into kid central!), but I was able to quickly find a fun dress. I thought for sure that it was around $50, so I was relieved when the price tag read $32.

Since I was unable to browse and chat for long, I emailed the ladies, Tammy, Tessie, and Xin of Co9 to find out more about their company. The ladies have just recently started their traveling boutique (which I think is a genius idea!). Basically, they hand select quality items at affordable prices to sell, and travel to various cities for a short stint. Vegas was their third event, proceeding Hawaii and Arizona. More recently, the ladies held a trunk show in Costa Mesa. Up next will be events in Pasadena, San Diego, and Hawaii. Part of what drives the location decision is customer feedback, so email your requests to Sign up for their email list here if you are interested in receiving updates about upcoming shows.

Co9 offers a range of pieces that work for petite to larger sizes. Here is a statement from Tammy that the xxs petite community would be interested in hearing:

"I often have a hard time finding clothes that fit well...Many of the company owners are Asian so their clothes tend to be on the smaller side."

The Dress

black/white zipper front dress
size xs
price: $32

Tammy of Co9 informed me that Cocolove is a new line (2010) by Daniel Song. His pieces can be found at select stores and boutiques in Los Angeles.

The dress is flowy, but still flirty because of the amazing full-frontal zipper!! :) I am in love with that darn thing! :p The pattern is so fun, I only wish I had better shoes to pair it with...I grabbed my work heels for the pictures. Any suggestions?

Additional Item Details:
~10.25" at empire waist
~34" from top of strap to bottom
100% polyester
hand wash

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  1. 1. HOT DAMN, LADY!
    2. I love your haiiiirrrr! Looks gorgeous =)
    3. HOT DAMN, LADY!

  2. P.s. You remind me of Emily from The Bachelor ^.^

  3. LOL yes the xxs petite community is interested in hearing that these clothes run small because many of the company owners are Asian : ) I really like the full-frontal zipper. It makes this dress so flirty-sexy. And wow, your hubs drove you 2.5 hours for a hair appointment? Such dedication! It came out beautifully : )

  4. The dress looked amazing on you. Congrats on finding such a pretty treasure. I also like your new hair cut :).

  5. michelle-- you look great in that dress. i love the zipper detail down the middle....very sexy! ;p

  6. The different colors in the print is so unique! It has a nice vintage look to it. Sounds like it also isn't mass manufactured so that makes it doubly unique! Really great that it is a traveling boutique, never heard of that kind before.

  7. What a unique dress! I like the zipper detail too and can you wear a bra with it? You look great Michelle!

  8. Thanks to all the ladies! :)

    @Aubrey Lol! Thanks!

    @PetiteAsianGirl Oops! I worded that appointment takes 2.5 hours, he just drove me there...long story, but basically my car tags have expired and I am waiting for the new ones to arrive, so he volunteered to take me, and he worked on his computer at a nearby coffee shop!

    @Really Petite I am pictured wearing it without a bra, so that I can keep the zipper low. The busy details of the dress help to hide nipples! If I want to wear it with my strapless bra, then I would just have to zip it up a little more.

  9. I have a similar dress w/the zipper down the front. As I was in the club, happily dancing, one of my drunk friends pulls the zipper all the way down, leaving me just holding onto my dress while he hysterically laughs and I couldn't help but to laugh too. I'm just like, "hahhaha somebody help me!!!!" and whichever friend I turned to would just bust up laughing. Finally, my gf helped me. Lesson of the day: wear a bra next time. HAHAHAH

  10. I have to say the trip was worth it, your hair looks fabulous! I really like the exposed zipper it's so unique!!

  11. @AubreyOhDang! Lol!! Glad you were able to laugh about it. :p It is a funny situation. Bra-less is not as scary as panty-less!

    @Callandra Thanks Callandra! The trip only takes ten minutes, but the appointment is what takes the 2.5 hours! :p

  12. Thank you for sharing this new company with us. It's such a cool concept and I hope they make it to the east coast in the future!

    I don't think I've ever seen you in a dress that wasn't flattering. You wear them so well, Michelle :)

  13. That's so cool! I've never encountered a traveling boutique (but then again I live in the midwest so that's probably not surprising LOL). I really love the print and zipper detail of this dress!! I think I'd try pairing it with some brightly colored shoes for contrast.

  14. What an interesting idea! I have seen a "clothing truck" parked near my apt... sort of like a food truck but they sell clothes instead. They even have a small "fitting room" (more like corner with curtain) so you can try stuff on. Only problem is I'm terribly indecisive and would hate to not have the return option. Anyway, the dress is very unique and you look great Michelle!

  15. Really love that zipper on the dress...and a traveling boutique is such a cool idea!

  16. what a beautiful dress and i love the zipper down the front! how cool that you were able to find such a pretty item while getting your hair done!

    cute & little

  17. Great dress-- <3 finding unexpected items at great pieces! I can tell this dress is going to serve you so well over the next few months for so many occasions, and lucky you that it happens to fit you like a glove!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I really like the dress. The zipper definitely makes it unique. I just read about those traveling clothing places, too. I guess there is one starting up in Nashville that will do parties, kind of like Tupperware parties.

  19. Really fun sounding boutique! I will keep an eye out for them, thank you for sharing. That dress looks beautiful on you.


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